Friday, March 16, 2007


Well not really, but I promise this is one of the most bizarro stories I have ever seen. It is just...well, insane.

Castration ring’s key figures gain freedom

Yes, you read the title of the story correctly. Castration ring leaders. WTF is this about? WTH is a castration ring? Let's dive into this gold-mine of depravity. It is like a train wreck. You know you don't want to see this, but now you just have to look. If you don't you won't know what you are missing. It isn't much, but hey it is Friday.

WAYNESVILLE — The six men castrated in a sadomasochistic dungeon fashioned from an enclosed carport all told prosecutors they saw no need for criminal charges.
Even a judge Thursday said calling the men victims might be a stretch, though what happened was certainly a crime.

“I think this is a type of perversion that cannot be tolerated by society,” Superior Court Judge Dennis Winner said in sentencing three men who performed the castrations.

Alright, so we actually have six men that had their jewels cutoff in a dungeon made out of a carport. I don't know whether to laugh or shit my pants in fear on that one. I like the judge's observation. Yeah we probably can do without this asshatedness in society. Good call your Honor.

Richard Peter “Master Rick” Sciara and his partner of 20 years, Michael Mendez, both pleaded guilty to felony castration without malice and felony maiming without malice. The man Sciara and Mendez called their slave, Danny Carroll Reeves, also pleaded guilty to the charges.

Prosecutors said the crimes happened in 2004 and 2005 at house in a quiet neighborhood near Waynesville. In a search of the Peace Mountain Road home, investigators said they found evidence including a scrotum and a testicle kept in a freezer.

Wow this is getting better and better. The guy doing the cutting is a gay S&M weirdo named Master Rick. That is just to much. His partner and 'slave' got in trouble too. I bet the walls in that house wish they could be burned down from the things they have seen. There is nothing quite like old gay S&M guys chopping off other people's nuts to make you throw up in your mouth a little bit.

This guy apparently served as a corpsmen in Vietnam and retired from the VA. Good on him. He is still a nut though unfortunately.

He said at least two of the men who visited the home were interested in extreme body modification.

They wanted Sciara to amputate their legs above the knees and had already each cut a finger off with garden shears to show their love for one another.

Sciara would not perform the amputation, he said.

Hey, you have got draw the line somewhere.

The other men who had the procedures complained of testicular pain.

They included a computer programmer, a truck driver and an Army Reserve soldier, Patton said.

Some of the men had fake testicles called “nuteciles” implanted, and one had his penis removed entirely. Another man had the head of his penis cut off.

Fucking ouch man! Nuteciles is just funny as hell. Why in the hell would a dude get his head cut off. At that point, cut the rest off, and make me a fake vagina or something. What good is the headless horseman gonna be now?

“(Sciara) felt like the medical system was not addressing the needs of this not-small group who had these needs, whether they were imagined or just emotional,” Patton said, likening the operations to abortions and breast enhancements.

Yeah OK. I think Master Rick made need a few years in the VA psych ward himself.

Anyway, like I said I think this is probably the weirdest story I have seen yet. As Don King would elucidate, Only in America!

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