Thursday, March 8, 2007

More on BHO

Obama supports banning all semi-automatic guns. That is right, all of them no matter what they are. At least he is honest, unlike most of the gun grabbing libtards.

This would of course be a severe assault on our beloved RKBA, and must never be allowed to happen. Let's just think about some of the guns that would include. No more semiauto shotguns. Yep, kiss your $2000 Benelli dove gun goodbye. Better melt down that evil 10/22 rifle you got when you were 10 as well. Let's not forget that Mark I/II/III target .22 pistol you have had for 20 years. Sure you have sent thousands of rounds down the tube at defenseless soda cans, so you must now give it up. Think about the children. It just doesn't get much more Draconian than this. The only thing worse than a ban of this scope would be an outright gun ban. That of course would initiate a complete revolt from much of the populace, so they won't do it.

The gun grabbers will say these guns have no 'sporting purpose'. That of course is complete bullshit. The 'sporting purpose' canard is a tired tactic. The RKBA has nothing to do with sports or hunting. It was meant to insure that citizens could defend the country if need be, defend themselves from bad guys, and defend themselves from the aggression of a overzealous government.