Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Global Warming is the new communism.

I was thinking about the climate change brouhaha going on in the world and this occurred to me. I did a bit of searching this morning, and of course I am not the first to put two and two together to come up with four. It makes perfect sense really.

The entire debate over whether or not man is affecting the climate is usually framed in the typical leftist fashion. If you do not fall in lock step with their theory, you are automatically painted as some kind of religious fanatic, or simply stupid. This of course is par for the course for leftist debate. Just this morning Bob Beckel on Fox and Friends said that Republicans that would be challenging Al Gore today in Congress are 'members of the flat earth society'. Great Bob. Thanks for the insightful remarks on why The Gore is correct.

This debate ender tactic is widely used when leftists 'debate the issues'. They do things like calling you a racist if you want immigration reform, or a homophobe closet queer if you think marriage should be kept between a man and a woman. It is the de facto 'winning tactic' they use. Sure everyone is guilty of ad hominem attacks at times when the get flustered or just plain mad at someone else. They actually think it is a valid argument somehow.

The reason I am illustrating this often used idiocy is quite simple. They have no argument, so they wish to stifle any meaningful debate by just ending it before they have to actually defend their position.

It is important to note that most people, even leftists, that argue for manmade climate change truly believe it. The media has been claiming it as fact for a decade now, so why wouldn't they? Not every person on the 'we are destroying the planet and are going to die' camp is a communist. It has been painted to be true for so long by so many people, that it is accepted in some places like Europe as being a proven fact, similar to the fact that the sky is blue.

The truth is it isn't that clear. In fact the truth is very unclear. We don't know for sure what is causing the planet to warm, and even if it is really warming beyond a tiny fraction that may very well be a naturally occurring deviation. This is why I believe Global Warming is the new communism.

The pushers of Kyoto are mainly socialists. They want to run our lives so we can save the planet. It will be good for the benefit of all they say. You sacrificing your freedom is worth it to save the children. We must stop the evil capitalists from ruining our home planet. Sound familiar? It should. It is the same kind of rhetoric used by the Bolsheviks, and every other communist bastard for the past 100 years. Loose on the facts, and high on the nanny state utopia rhetoric. As all but the completely daft have realized. Communism failed. It was a non-productive system that was doomed from the start. Things like the Kyoto protocol are a back door attempt at controlling the free people's of the world in an attempt to put us all under control of our supposed intellectual superiors.

The larger goal of control over us is what should concern you. What happens when our enlightened overlords seizes our guns, and then decides we don't need that fancy house when a work encampment would be more fair, and better for the environment?

This is why this debate is so important. Many people are tired of hearing about global warming, because they have correctly seen it is the political chicanery it is. People are rightly sick of this. As my previous post illustrates we want to know the scientific truth.

The dishonest assumption being forced upon us, is in my opinion, a much darker specter, than just another random leftist pet project.