Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama is an Idiot

He has already come out and said Sarah Palin doesn't have enough executive experience. Um, hello Urkel? You have absolutely none jackass!

She on the other hand has actually run a business before, has been a mayor, and a governor. She is the commander of the Alaska National Guard, so she already has more experience dealing with the military than you, and she is only running for VP, not POTUS.

Attack away Obama. It will only make your campaign look like the joke that it is.

Master Stroke!

Well it looks like John McCain may have just locked up the Presidency. He has picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. She gave a great speach in Ohio accepting the slot, and I will post a video of it when I can find one.

The plusses for Palin and McCain seem almost unending:

1. She is solidly pro-life.
2. She is a Lifetime NRA member.
3. She is a hunter.
4. She is a mother of five children.
5. She is a woman. (duh)
6. Her husband is a working class guy, and union member.
7. She is a reformer.
8. She is a real conservative.
9. She is a fiscal conservative and has fought for her constituents money.
10. She has appointed the best people for the job, regardless of their party affiliation.
11. She has fought big oil companies.
12. She is a strong supporter of drilling here, and drilling now.
13. She is against gay marriage, but supports gay rights.
14. She is young.
15. She is tough, but still feminine.

Those are few things I like about her off the top of my head. This changes everything. I am no longer going to be voting against Obama. I am going to be voting for McCain!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stupid Moonbats

Pure Evil

The video posted below does not contain any graphic images. It does contain graphic descriptions of how babies are sometimes treated in hospitals after they have been born alive through a process known as an induced abortion. You have been warned.

The video is very important in my opinion. All of us have probably heard about Obama's deception on the Illinois Infant Born Alive Protection Act, but this really illustrates it well.

Whether you believe that abortion is wrong or not is not the issue here. I know that some of you probably are pro choice. This is a position I strongly disagree with, but this goes beyond that argument. This is about infanticide and Obama's willingness to go along with it for political gain. This man is unfit to lead such a country as ours.

He has lied recently in saying that he did not do what the video alleges. This link illustrates otherwise very well.

I urge you all to watch the video, but warn you that you may feel anger and/or sadness afterwards. I will be honest in saying that I nearly bawled like a child while watching it.

My granddaughter Brooke, has solidified my pro life position forever.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Biden Wrong on Iraq

He couldn't have been more wrong on Iraq. If it was up to Obama / Biden we would have already lost the war, and Al Qaeda would be running Iraq.


Yet another reason to oppose Obama and support John McCain. This may just be the most antigun ticket every to run. We have Obama, a former board member for the Joyce foundation, and Biden "I wrote the assault weapons ban". Scary.

HT: Michael Bane

Saturday Range Trip

I finally made it out to the range Saturday for some casual shooting. It had been several months since I last went. My best friend Kirk and his two sons went as well. I took out my AR, 10-22, and my lovely stainless .357 Blackhawk. Kirk brought his 10-22, and a neat Savage 99 in 22-250.

We got out to Quail Creek Range about 1:00 I am guessing. It is a good little range, although they don't allow any FMJ rifle ammo, fast fire, or anything else like drawing from a holster, etc. We utilized both the pistol/rimfire range, and the 100 yard rifle range.

Kirk's son, Kenton is a crack shot with his 10-22. He spent the entire time destroying the center of his target with magazine after magazine of Federal Bulk ammo. Kirk, Aaron, and I spent our time with my 10-22, blackhawk, his Savage, and the AR.

It was a very hot day out there for sure. We are all looking forward to fall and winter here in Texas. The last month has been pretty brutal. The most fun I had was shooting the AR on the 100 yard range. I need to get some glasses however, as I can see the target at that range, but I can not make out any details. We also need a spotting scope. Our rifle scopes just aren't strong enough to make out those little 22 caliber holes that far away. Shooting the AR was a bit of a joke as we could not really tell where we were hitting, but it was fun as always. We all put a magazine or so down the tube.

I was using up the rest of my Wolf HP. I don't really like shooting it in my black rifle, but I needed to use it up, and I did.

We shot the Blackhawk at 25 yards and it is shooting very high. I bottomed out the adjustment, and still had to hold under the target to hit it at all. I am thinking this might be a problem with the cheap ammo I was using. Further testing is needed on this pistol. I may just put a scope on it eventually however, so making that decision will dictate how to move forward with it.

The 10-22 just shot as good as always. It shoots great for a stock rifle. I am guessing that I have put three or four thousand rounds down range with this little rifle, so it should be getting good and broke in now.

Kirk managed to shoot a real nice group with his 22-250. It is a great gun that he inherited from his father. It has a nice old Redfield scope on it, that still looks great, and obviously has held it's accuracy, as the gun has over the years.

All in all, we had a great time. I am looking forward to going back out there once it cools off a bit.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Blogpost I Never Made

While perusing my few forum entries on the now defunct forums, I found this story that I never posted here for some reason. It is from last November, hence the Thanksgiving references.

Dad get's all the deals!

For some reason my old man always finds deals when he isn’t looking.

After eating our share, and then some, of Thanksgiving dinner, Dad and I, were looking at his gun cabinet. We were remembering old hunting trips with certain guns and such.

After a few minutes I notice an unmistakable shape. It looks like a Winchester 94. So I pick it up and ask him where he got this, as I had never seen it before. He proceeds to tell me a story that just makes me sick with envy. Apparently a friend of his was trying to sell him the gun for $100 about two years ago. Dad, being very practical, kept telling him no. He already has a 30-06, so why should he buy a 30/30? Finally his buddy says, “Just give me fifty bucks for the dang thing!”. Not being a complete fool, Dad goes for it. He proceeds to shoot it once at the range and puts it in the cabinet.

For fifty bucks Dad figures it will make a good back up rifle for himself or someone else if need be. I asked him if he liked the gun, and he says yeah it’s ok, but he likes his beat up M77 better. I then told him that it was probably worth a bit more than fifty bucks. I figure it is a recent production model. Even these are of course going up in value after Winchester died off.

This peaks his interest so we go and do a serial number search. Lo and behold, it is a freaking pre 64 piece! I just sat there shaking my head. Leave it to my old man to pick up a pristine pre 64 for $50. It turns out to be one of the last of the guns made before the switch.

This thing is pretty. It has a very small dent in the forearm, and a slight bluing rub under the magazine tube. The action is tight as can be, and all the visible internals look new. After he found out what it is worth, he showed it off to everyone that came over for the rest of the weekend.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Buffalo Police JBTs

Wow, only a couple of days since my last JBT post, and the Buffalo Police Department has already shown a perfect example of why the militarization of our police is a bad idea.


Armed with a battering ram and shotguns, Buffalo police looking for heroin broke down the door and stormed the lower apartment of a West Side family of eight.

The problem is that the Wednesday evening raid should have occurred at an apartment upstairs.

And, that’s only the tip of the iceberg, according to Schavon Pennyamon, who lives at the mistakenly raided apartment on Sherwood Street with her husband, Terrell, and six children.

Pennyamon alleges that after wrongly breaking into her apartment, police proceeded to strike her epileptic husband in the head with the butt end of a shotgun and point shotguns at her young children before admitting their mistake and then raiding the right apartment.

She says she’s left with a broken door, an injured husband, jittery children and — what bothers her most — still no apology from police.

“They know they did something wrong and they were still ignorant,” said the 29-year-old Pennyamon. “At first, I just wanted an apology. Now, because they want[ed] to be ignorant and rude, I have to take it to the next level.”

I hope she sues their ass off. A spokesmen apologized eventually, but why aren't the police at least fixing her door, and checking on the innocent citizen they beat in the head?

“It appears to be an honest mistake and we certainly apologize to all involved,” added Michael J. DeGeorge, Buffalo police spokesman.

An honest mistake? Luckily no innocent CITIZENS were killed this time.

Pennyamon remains unconvinced it was a mistake. She says officers told her they had “raided the house before” and she believes they felt entitled to do it again — warrant or not.

“The way they make it seem is ‘we can do whatever we want,’ ” she said.

Pennyamon’s troubled by what she says is an arrogance by police officers and an unwillingness to “serve and protect” those who need it.

“It’s a sad situation. I’ve always looked up to the police. I’ve always expected them to be on my side.”

How sad.

The Difference is Clear

Obama is a clearly pro abortion, while McCain is not. While many claim that both parties are the same now, this video shows a very clear difference, and it is an important difference for me.

Edited to add: I forgot the main thing this video said to me.:)

Obama's lame answer was that the question was "above his pay grade". That is quite a comment coming from a United States senator. He is to have us believe that such a simple question is beyond his ability to answer. Beyond that, he is applying for the most powerful position in the world, but admits he is to stupid to amswer a simple question about one of the most important issues to many people.

Friday, August 15, 2008


There is a label on the right that is entitled "JBTs". This stands for Jack Booted Thugs. This wikipedia entry should explain the reference rather well for anyone who does not understand it.

I am not here to claim that every cop doing their job is an authoritarian fascist maniac. I don't believe that, nor do I respect that opinion in the least. It is the position of a leftard antiwar marcher, a lazy parrot that is most likely a drain on society.

There are however many officers that abuse their power, swat teams that think they are in Fallujah, and plenty of administrators that see us "civilians" as cattle to be herded.

The militarization of police forces across the country is quite alarming. We see SWAT teams dressed out in tactical gear, with assault rifles and subguns at the ready, all the time on our television sets. We have grown accustomed to seeing such things. A police SWAT team is not necessarily a bad thing at all. The overuse of one is however.

We shouldn't be using them any more than is absolutely necessary. No knock entries by a large group of heavily armed police creates an inherently dangerous situation. Sometimes this may be warranted, but most often it is not. Storming a guys house that sells a few dime bags of weed on the weekends does not warrant special treatment for example. Maybe if there is evidence that he has weapons in the house, AND has a known violent temperment, such force is appropriate. Otherwise it isn't.

This reference also can be used for federal forces, as Wayne LaPierre did, which caused quite the controversy. The events at Ruby Ridge, and Mount Carmel illustrate the danger very well. I am not supporting what David Koresh or Randy Weaver did in the least, but both of these situations could have worked out very differently if the authorities involved had thought out a better plan before going in like ninjas.

This is nothing new to most people who read my blog or people that have similar blogs. I am not the first person, by a long shot, to study this phenomena. I do however think it is appropriate to put up this post to clarify why that topic will be getting some more posts in the future, after containing only one prior to now.

We must fight to preserve our liberty. A police state is an inherently safe state generally, but it is not a free state. We must resist turning over our free will to the government.

Never Talk to the Police

Everyone needs to watch the following two videos. As much as we like to believe the police are our friends, they are not. It is very easy to get convicted and sent to prison for a crime you did not commit. Whether the police know you were innocent or not does not matter. You are still sitting in a cell wondering how the hell this happened to you.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Obama Wants to Take My Grandpa's Gun

This guy illustrates very well why anyone who cares about the RKBA can't vote for Obama.

HT: Sportsmen for Obama?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Book Review: Trigger Men

Trigger Men: Shadow Team, Spider-Man, the Magnificent Bastards, and the American Combat Sniper (Hardcover)
Author: Hans Halberstadt
Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Press; 1 edition (March 18, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0312354568
ISBN-13: 978-0312354565

Amazon Link

This book was purchased after reading a positive review from a member of the forums. I would post a link to his review, however that site unfortunately will be taken down soon.

Trigger Men is a book about killing people. It contains stories detailing the killing of insurgents mainly in Iraq, by Marine and Army snipers. This book is unapologetic about the subject matter it contains. There are graphic details about what bullets do to humans within this volume's pages. If that is something you are not interested in reading about, this book is not for you.

This book does provide a no bullshit look at modern sniper training, tactics, weapons, and results. A majority of the book is taken directly from the shooter's accounts of events themselves.

Trigger Men was a very quick read for me. I was very interested in the subject matter, of course, but it was also a very accessible and fairly entertaining read. The book contains a mix of first hand accounts, as well as background technical information about modern sniper warfare.

The first chapter is a walk through of sniper mission basics. It covers topics such as moral aspects of the sniper mission, the differences between police and military snipers, and a brief history of the art.

Chapter two is a short chapter based on a USMC sniper's experiences. The third chapter talks about sniper selection and training. The rest of the book primarily deals with individual accounts from the battlefield. There are however sections on ballistics, and sniper weapons.

The flow of the book switching between technical detail and commentary is very good. A lot of the information presented in the documentary chapters is reinforced by the individual accounts. This unfortunately brings up the only thing I did not like about this book. It tends to repeat itself. Many of the snipers tell the same story about a particular weapon for example. This was not overly distracting at all though, and often I was able to glean more details about the particular event or implement from the different viewpoints. Several of the snipers were operating in and around Ramadi, so some of the things they experienced were very similar.

The book does provide a great insight into the sniper's art, as it is being applied in Iraq, that I have not seen elsewhere. It's technical detail, while limited, is a great primer. The stories told by the soldiers and marines were very interesting and really give you a glimpse into their world.

If this subject is interesting to you, I would urge you to purchase and read this one. You won't be disappointed.

The Olympics

I watch the Olympics every chance I get when they are going on. Winter or Summer it doesn't matter.

For some reason the games have always held my interest. I don't know if it is the international competition, the uniqueness of the sports, the constant improvement in most of the sports, or the infrequency of the events that holds the most intrigue for me.

For now I will fore go the needed China bashing while the games are occurring. There is much that needs to change in that country, of which we are all aware.

The opening ceremony can only be described as an epic spectacle. It was completely amazing. The scale and precision were breathtaking to be sure. I have never witnessed anything even close to it. There were over 15,000 different performers involved.

As for the sports themselves my personal highlight so far was the amazing victory the American swimming team had in the 4x100m Freestyle Relay. They were not supposed to win, and it looked like they would not until the very end of the race. Michael Phelps swam the first leg, and the team was behind the favored French team until the last 10 meters or so.

This was one of the greatest sporting events I have ever seen. The French apparently said they were going to "smash" the Americans. Of course our boys were totally classy afterwards, and showed great sportsmanship in their win.

I also enjoyed our basketball team's smashing of China of course. This team is showing a lot of class thankfully after what had gone on in the previous two Olympics. I also watched a few volleyball matches, some gymnastics, and a very little bit of diving over the weekend.

Our house will be glued to the boob tube every night most likely.

More Global Fry Monster Hysteria

The Guardian tells us we are all going to die!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Want a Garand

Who doesn't right? Well, I can thank DirtCrashr for starting this. He graciously sent me several hundred pieces of Lake City '06 brass. It was very nice of him to do, and I am going to make use of it.

I do have access to a properly chambered rifle currently. It is an older Remington 7600 pump gun. It belongs to my grandfather, and I can use it whenever I want. It is a great rifle, and it will be used as a benchmark for my eventual Garand purchase.

If they are still available, when the time comes, the purchase of milsurp loveliness will be made through the Civilian Marksmanship Program. There are certain requirements one must go through to be allowed to purchase from them. One of these is a certification of various types that you are able to safely handle a firearm. A CHL license is one way to fulfill this requirement.

The wife and I have neglected getting our CHLs for a long time. This is a good motivator to getting it done. We also have a child to think about now. I would hate to have something happen to her because I was unarmed. It would be bad enough for one of us to not be able to defend ourselves, but Brooke is a totally defenseless child who relies on us for her safety.

The leering spectre of an Obama Presidency also looms. He has supported a federal ban on concealed carry before, so getting mine before then adds to the number of potentially disenfranchised citizens ready to hit the reset switch.

Ultimately I want both of us to be able to legally exercise our right to bear arms, and the perpetual delay is over. I plan to get us signed up for a class within the next month. Kim will most likely use her LadySmith revolver to qualify, and I will use my XD-45.

Once that is complete I will work out the rest of my paperwork and get a Garand ordered hopefully. They are such neat old guns, with such a rich history. I also think they make a good affordable battle rifle with PLENTY of punch on the other end so to speak.

Sure they don't have a large magazine capacity, but through training, loading clips is a fast process. Sure I would love to get a Springfield M1, but I don't see being able to afford a $1,500-2,000 rifle any time soon. For what they cost I can buy a Garand, and a DPMS .308 AR.

I am going to use the brass that Dirtcrsher sent me to build up the most accurate loads I can. Then I will shoot both the Remington and the Garand to see how they compare. From there I should be able to customize a good load for either gun or both.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Gallup Now has McCain/Obama Tied

Maybe that World Tour didn't go over as well as Obama thought.


Henry Repeating Arms Moves to New Jersey


The link includes an audio interview with Anthony Imperato. This is one of my favorite little gun companies, and it is nice to know they now own their own building in New Jersey. The make some fabulous little lever action .22s, and several other nice guns including a new 30/30 and some handgun cartridge levers.

Here is a link to their site.

Henry Repeating Arms

Friday, August 1, 2008

Daley Realizing His Beloved Ban is Screwed


Looks like the Heller decision is about to claim it's biggest unconstitutional gun ban so far.

Read the article. It is replete with stupid GFW insanity.

“We’re talking about putting first-responders in a very, very delicate position of people being armed without being notified how many guns they have in their homes…What is a handgun? Can you have unlimited handguns, unlimited ammunition?…What is a home? Is it the front porch. Is it the back porch? Is it the attached garage? Is it the garage in back? Is it their front and back yard?” Daley said.

“A lot of questions are gonna be asked in this legislation that we look at…We have to be able to fashion a law that truly protects first-responders and protects the citizens,” he said.

As for the fourth-annual gun turn-in, the lure of a $100 pre-paid Master Card was enough to draw 6,848 guns, 109 of them assault weapons. More than 1,100 of them were BB guns and replicas.

“This is a wonderful day, but it’s a tragic day for America,” Daley told a news conference at the Chicago Police Department’s Homan Square Facility, where the bought-back weapons were on display.

Squirm, you fascist weasel!

Democrats Think $10 Gas is OK

So Ken Salazar would not even allow us to drill our own resources if gas was $10 a gallon. So much for that Democrat promise to lower gas prices in 2006.