Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pure Evil

The video posted below does not contain any graphic images. It does contain graphic descriptions of how babies are sometimes treated in hospitals after they have been born alive through a process known as an induced abortion. You have been warned.

The video is very important in my opinion. All of us have probably heard about Obama's deception on the Illinois Infant Born Alive Protection Act, but this really illustrates it well.

Whether you believe that abortion is wrong or not is not the issue here. I know that some of you probably are pro choice. This is a position I strongly disagree with, but this goes beyond that argument. This is about infanticide and Obama's willingness to go along with it for political gain. This man is unfit to lead such a country as ours.

He has lied recently in saying that he did not do what the video alleges. This link illustrates otherwise very well.

I urge you all to watch the video, but warn you that you may feel anger and/or sadness afterwards. I will be honest in saying that I nearly bawled like a child while watching it.

My granddaughter Brooke, has solidified my pro life position forever.