Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Blogpost I Never Made

While perusing my few forum entries on the now defunct forums, I found this story that I never posted here for some reason. It is from last November, hence the Thanksgiving references.

Dad get's all the deals!

For some reason my old man always finds deals when he isn’t looking.

After eating our share, and then some, of Thanksgiving dinner, Dad and I, were looking at his gun cabinet. We were remembering old hunting trips with certain guns and such.

After a few minutes I notice an unmistakable shape. It looks like a Winchester 94. So I pick it up and ask him where he got this, as I had never seen it before. He proceeds to tell me a story that just makes me sick with envy. Apparently a friend of his was trying to sell him the gun for $100 about two years ago. Dad, being very practical, kept telling him no. He already has a 30-06, so why should he buy a 30/30? Finally his buddy says, “Just give me fifty bucks for the dang thing!”. Not being a complete fool, Dad goes for it. He proceeds to shoot it once at the range and puts it in the cabinet.

For fifty bucks Dad figures it will make a good back up rifle for himself or someone else if need be. I asked him if he liked the gun, and he says yeah it’s ok, but he likes his beat up M77 better. I then told him that it was probably worth a bit more than fifty bucks. I figure it is a recent production model. Even these are of course going up in value after Winchester died off.

This peaks his interest so we go and do a serial number search. Lo and behold, it is a freaking pre 64 piece! I just sat there shaking my head. Leave it to my old man to pick up a pristine pre 64 for $50. It turns out to be one of the last of the guns made before the switch.

This thing is pretty. It has a very small dent in the forearm, and a slight bluing rub under the magazine tube. The action is tight as can be, and all the visible internals look new. After he found out what it is worth, he showed it off to everyone that came over for the rest of the weekend.