Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday Range Trip

I finally made it out to the range Saturday for some casual shooting. It had been several months since I last went. My best friend Kirk and his two sons went as well. I took out my AR, 10-22, and my lovely stainless .357 Blackhawk. Kirk brought his 10-22, and a neat Savage 99 in 22-250.

We got out to Quail Creek Range about 1:00 I am guessing. It is a good little range, although they don't allow any FMJ rifle ammo, fast fire, or anything else like drawing from a holster, etc. We utilized both the pistol/rimfire range, and the 100 yard rifle range.

Kirk's son, Kenton is a crack shot with his 10-22. He spent the entire time destroying the center of his target with magazine after magazine of Federal Bulk ammo. Kirk, Aaron, and I spent our time with my 10-22, blackhawk, his Savage, and the AR.

It was a very hot day out there for sure. We are all looking forward to fall and winter here in Texas. The last month has been pretty brutal. The most fun I had was shooting the AR on the 100 yard range. I need to get some glasses however, as I can see the target at that range, but I can not make out any details. We also need a spotting scope. Our rifle scopes just aren't strong enough to make out those little 22 caliber holes that far away. Shooting the AR was a bit of a joke as we could not really tell where we were hitting, but it was fun as always. We all put a magazine or so down the tube.

I was using up the rest of my Wolf HP. I don't really like shooting it in my black rifle, but I needed to use it up, and I did.

We shot the Blackhawk at 25 yards and it is shooting very high. I bottomed out the adjustment, and still had to hold under the target to hit it at all. I am thinking this might be a problem with the cheap ammo I was using. Further testing is needed on this pistol. I may just put a scope on it eventually however, so making that decision will dictate how to move forward with it.

The 10-22 just shot as good as always. It shoots great for a stock rifle. I am guessing that I have put three or four thousand rounds down range with this little rifle, so it should be getting good and broke in now.

Kirk managed to shoot a real nice group with his 22-250. It is a great gun that he inherited from his father. It has a nice old Redfield scope on it, that still looks great, and obviously has held it's accuracy, as the gun has over the years.

All in all, we had a great time. I am looking forward to going back out there once it cools off a bit.