Thursday, April 26, 2007

Big Shock!

Carbon credits are largely bullshit. Shocking, I know. The Financial Times has an interesting article about this.


    The FT investigation found:
  • Widespread instances of people and organisations buying worthless credits that do not yield any reductions in carbon emissions.

  • Industrial companies profiting from doing very little – or from gaining carbon credits on the basis of efficiency gains from which they have already benefited substantially.

  • Brokers providing services of questionable or no value.

  • A shortage of verification, making it difficult for buyers to assess the true value of carbon credits.

  • Companies and individuals being charged over the odds for the private purchase of European Union carbon permits that have plummeted in value because they do not result in emissions cuts.

I guess the Goracle's house may not be carbon neutral after all.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kucinich to Introduce Impeachment Articles


Read the story for the details. I am more interesting in discussing this.

"One, they misled the nation into war, an aggressive and illegal war that has obviously been catastrophic," Park said. "They are currently violating the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act" by ordering wiretap warrants without FISA court approval and they are committing torture in violation of the Geneva Conventions.
"Very few people will deny those charges whether they support impeachment or not," Park said.

I just can't believe the leftists are still beating these drums. As we know there is still zero evidence that "Bush lied, people died". There just isn't. Not a single shred of proof that Bush, or Cheney for that matter, knowingly misled the public in the run-up to the war.

The second bit about "an aggressive and illegal war that has obviously been catastrophic" is kind of funny. War by definition is aggressive, or at least it should be. This war isn't aggressive enough. Had it been from the beginning it may very well have been over by now. The illegal war treatise is just mind-boggling. Illegal to who? The legislature gave the President authorization to use force. Now if you want to bring the UN into this thing, lets just go ahead and send Bush and our fighting men to The Hague, so they can be prosecuted by the international kangaroo court of socialism. We should go ahead and surrender our sovereignty as well. I am sure the blue helmets will take care of us well.

Has the war been catastrophic? It has been ill-waged at times that is certain. It has been a boondoggle for the Bush administration as well. Our fighting men's lives and our treasure has been sacrificed for the war. I am not so sure that makes it a catastrophe though. The leftists will always call war a catastrophe. As we have discussed before, they try to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

If the wiretap issue is such a problem, write some legislation to end it. Then you can take it to SCOTUS and see who wins.

The torture allegation is where this circus dies. We are not torturing people. Again let's see some proof. Of course torture to these people seems to include a stern voice.

Overall this is the same rhetoric the left has been spouting for years. I guess Kucinich is just trying to get some more votes out of the moonbat constituency that will follow him.

Monday, April 23, 2007

One Square Only

Her Excellency Sheryl Crow has decided we should only use one square of asswipe per sitting. This will of course save the world from the Goracle's global frying monster. She does concede that 2 or 3 squares would be OK occasionally, but only if necessary. Personally, I would rather just go commando with my hand, rather than use one square. What is one square gonna do for ya? Is double ply OK for use, or do we have to try to split the layers?

Her and Laurie David are riding a bio-diesel bus across the country to heighten awareness about global warming. Apparently they are blogging as well. This is when Sheryl floated the finger poking through plan. The response so far has been fairly predictable. Most people laugh, and call her names, while others show the typical hypocrisy displayed by the Disciples of the Goracle, by examining her tour bus fleet, etc.

Laurie David penned a gem, when she complained of having to jog in 'forty degree freezing weather' while in Dallas in April. She decided that since it was 70 in January, and 40 in April, global warming was the cause. We Texans chuckle at such fool-speak of course. The cool snap she referred to is actually known as an Easter Snap here in Texas, and has occurred quite often as long as anyone can remember.

UPDATE: I did not realize Laurie David was such a superstar in the Ecoloon community. She apparently produced the Goracle's Powerpoint presentation. Maybe they used the same kind of research in it as she did on her jogging expedition.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Reid is a Tool

A tool of the enemy apparently. The deer in the headlights look has returned once again to Sen. Harry Reid. He proclaimed yesterday that the war in Iraq is lost. Well thanks for letting us all know that Senator. I did not realize that you were privy to such information, seeing as how the Commander in Chief, The Pentagon, nor the men and women fighting on the ground have figured that out yet.

Yes, Harry is a silly politician. There are several things wrong with his statement, not only the fact that it is a lie.

First, and foremost, this will get more of our soldiers injured and killed. That is right, I am proclaiming that Harry Reid, now known as 'Bagdad Harry', is responsible for putting our soldier lives in more danger. The enemy uses these political stunts to recruit new members, and embolden those who may have been deciding that maybe living in a free country beats getting blown away by the US military after all. Reid must know that these kinds of statements play into our enemy's hands. If he does not he is a complete fool. Surely a Senator with as much experience as Reid isn't playing with a short deck. This means he intends to harm our troops and hopes that we lose in Iraq. All so he and his party can gain more power.

He apparently doesn't care about this country or her fighting men. He would say that he wants to support the troops by bringing them home. That is a nice emotional argument, but what happens when they have to go over there again and re-fight the same war in five years? Does anyone think Iraq will be safer when the terrorists are allowed to take over and make it their primary base for years? What does it say to their sacrifice? Sorry boys, good on ya, but you aren't good enough to beat those people, and you have sacrificed everything for nothing. That is something I want to see.

The other part of this that bothers me is it's intellectual dishonesty. The surge has been happening slowly for a couple months now. No fair person expected it to work this quickly. The dividends it has shown have actually been pretty amazing. Bagdad Harry, sees one bad day of terrorist attacks and proclaims it a failure, before it has been given a chance to work. This is a prime example of inductive reasoning. It is based on emotion and the desire to consolidate power, instead of fact and logic. This is how liberals think unfortunately.

This is their playbook. They did the same thing during Vietnam. They took Tet, in which the Viet Cong got virtually wiped out, and proclaimed it a defeat. Shortly after that they defunded the war, causing America to retreat in shame, and allowing millions to be slaughtered because America backed out of her commitments and did not protect them like we promised.

This time will be different. If the communist filth making up the Democrat party is allowed to pull the same defeatist stunt, the jihadis will follow us home.

One last thing. We are not defeated until we surrender.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Suzanne Hupp - RKBA in a Nutshell

Watch this video. I have heard her story before. It makes me tear up every time I hear it again. She is responsible for getting CHL's legalized in Texas, and has the unfortunate credibility of speaking as a victim of one of these lunatic murderers.

So Say We All!

First Fishing Trip in Over a Year!

I took last Friday and Monday off for some much needed R&R. We went out to our cabin at Possum Kingdom Lake Saturday, and stayed until Sunday.

As usual I picked the worst weekend possible to vacation. Friday, major tornado-producing thunderstorms rolled through the area. This prevented us from leaving for the lake Friday evening. So we get down there Saturday, and three foot rollers are coming off the lake. No fishing on Saturday! Sunday morning we mess around at the cabin for a while and get on the lake at about 10:30 AM.

We launched the boat for the first time in over a year and all went well. It ran like a top. We decided to fish an area known as Neely Slough. The lake has had a lot of golden algae problems over the last 5 years or so, and this area was supposed to be doing rather well.

After fishing for about four hours we had no bass in the boat. It was not to surprising. We are out of practice, and several factors were working against us. For starters, that front came through. The fish are also mostly in the post spawn phase at the moment, so they aren't that easy to find. We did however catch 11 sand bass in about twenty minutes in one spot. That is a good sign! Last year we didn't get a bite on the lake at all!

Overall I was pleased with the trip. The boat checked out, and is thankfully ready to roll.

Monday the FIL and I fished Lake Worth. We got started about 7:30, and immediately he caught a decent keeper bass. We started fishing around an island of loose cattails, and really thought we were going to have a good day. We caught two more nice keepers, and a few small fish. At this point we decided to head to a nearby bank for some cranking action. This proved to be a mistake. We committed the cardinal sin of bass fishing. Never leave fish to find fish. After that we caught a couple fat crappie and I believe one more small bass all day long. We didn't catch another fish after 10:15 or so. The wind picked up so we couldn't really fish the area with the cattails very well.

It was a great trip though. Beautiful day, and we caught some fish. What more can you ask for really? I am hoping to fish either Lake Weatherford, or Worth again this weekend sometime.

Gun Control Kills

The horrible events at Virginia Tech are evidence of the abject failure of gun control policies. The poor souls that died were failed by their government. They should have been able to defend themselves from this monster, but instead they were shot like fish in a barrel.

Virginia Tech was a supposed Gun Free Zone. Someone forgot to tell the maniac on campus this apparently. The fallacy of gun control legislation continues to be very, very simple. Only the law-abiding obey laws. Criminals and depraved murderers do not. It really is that simple.

By proclaiming victory against gun rights, those that recently decided that VT students and faculty were not allowed to carry their perfectly legal concealed self defense tools on campus, may have doomed many of the people to their unfortunate deaths. We are talking about licensed individuals that are 21 years old or older. These people have been trained and deemed to be worthy of carrying the responsibility a concealed handgun comes with.

The knowledge that people may be armed is a very strong deterrent. These nuts are less likely to attack a place that may contained armed citizens with the training necessary to take them out. The gun free zone is like a license to kill. The deranged lunatic knows that his authority will not be challenged, and that he will be free to do whatever he wants.

We need to take a serious look at this issue, instead of enacting knee jerk, feel good legislation, that would make us all more defenseless to these monsters.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Newt Drinks the Kool Aid


Well, looks like Newty Newt is drinking from the Well of the Goracle now.

HatTip: Drudge


Come hell or high water, I will be doing some fishing with my woman this weekend. It is required!

So we haven't fished in over a year, and I have been slowly preparing for a while now. The boat seems good to go. I am going to get new tags for the trailer this weekend and it will be all legit. Maybe I can find a new prop Friday as well, since the current one is beat to hell.

I am going to start spooling up all the rods tonight, and hopefully go through our tackle this week as well. Then it will be on to Possum Kingdom. If we don't do any good there, I may try out Graham Sunday morning. I can hardly wait!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Obama Wusses out of CBC/FOX debate.

According to Politico Obama has dropped out of the scheduled Congressional Black Caucus/Fox News debate. He has instead decided to participate in the CNN event.

This is such a cowardly / grossly-pandering act.

Ignore the fact that Fox's audience dwarves CNN's, and you can very clearly see why Obama dropped out of the event. He is a coward. The far left of the party has done all they can to ruin the Fox debates, because they hate Fox. In order to make the kos kiddies happy he decided to pull out. He is pandering to the extreme left of the party, because he obviously thinks he needs them to win the nomination.

I can't wait to see the debates. I predict he will fail completely. Once the candy coating is rinsed off of him, he will be exposed for the empty suit he is.

Mike Huckabee has the RKBA Down Better than any Other Candidate So Far

I heard this interview on the radio the other day.

Hugh Hewitt

HH: That’s exactly what I believe, but you know, candidates are dividing on that. Governor, I want to get to guns. There are big stories on guns, and Mitt Romney only having a rifle when he was a kid, and hadn’t hunted much since then. Newt Gingrich was on this program last week talking about guns. What about assault weapons, or what is called assault weapons in the law? Should Americans be allowed to have them.

MH: Absolutely. Americans ought to be allowed to have anything they want to have, as long as they’re law abiding, legal citizens. The 2nd Amendment was not there for hunting. I get so offended when Democrats talk about it as if you don’t need an assault weapon to hunt. Well truthfully, most Democrats wouldn’t know an assault weapon from a
BB gun. I’m a hunter, I have been my whole life. But the 2nd Amendment is not just about hunting. It’s about protecting your family, your property, and it’s honestly about defending ourselves against a tyrannical government, should it ever go haywire on us.

HH: What about machine guns, Governor?

MH: I’ve got friends who own them. They have the legal process to own them. But once again, I’m not afraid of a law abiding citizen owning anything. I’m afraid of a criminal getting his hands on a gun. That’s where the crackdown needs to be. This country’s gone crazy. It’s cracking down on law abiding citizens, and turning their heads at people who break the law. That’s the polar opposite.

Governor Huckabee is right on the money here. As we know the RKBA is not about hunting, libtards are gun-stupid, and punishing law-abiding citizens does not reduce crime. Bravo!

This is Poetic Justice for this Poor Buick

Friday, April 6, 2007

Communist Islamist Goodness

What a gold mine of ill-conceived thought, lies, conspiracy theory, and Islamist AND Communist propaganda I have stumbled onto. I found it in no other place than good 'ol Al Jazeera. You know, the terrorist's news network. They are quick to condemn the 'atrocities' of Abu Ghraib, while at the same time cheerfully showing people's heads being sliced off.

This wonderful article was on their front page as the main story. The 'writer' is one Brian H. Appleton. From some simple Googling he seems to be an American turned Iranian Islamist zealot. I am assuming he was an American or is still based on his name and some brief reading I came across about him on the web. His Muslim name is Rasool Aryadust apparently.

Let's take a look.

Bush cleverly used 9/11 fear factor to impose his agendas.

The title already sounds like a nutty moonbat piece. Trust me it gets a lot better. This entire article seems so 2005 libtard sheik[sic]. It is such a glorious amalgam of leftist / Islamofascist pablum.

Build and buy bigger SUV's and Humvee's and invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Now they plan and scheme to invade Iran even before poor Iraq is put back together again by American firms generously handed hundreds of contracts by this administration in a winner takes all in your face gesture to deride any nation which dissented over the invasion.

What an opening salvo! The first line combines the environment with an attack on middle class SUV owning Americans, and the two invasions. The paragraph is actually only two sentences, and the second one is a doozy. He throws in the 'contracts for Bush's buddies' theory, the 'cowboy diplomacy' canard, and works in a bit about how Bush is stifling dissension. What a genius!

The facts of course are in direct opposition with his 'reality'. America is making smaller vehicles and less people are buying big SUVs. The Humvee hasn't changed in the least. The impending Iranian invasion is taken straight from the liberal talking heads of the MSM. Yes, in fact, the Pentagon has a plan to invade Iran. We have plans to invade all of our potential enemies. Always have and always will. It is called responsible planning. The Clinton administration's Pentagon did the exact same thing. To not plan for such a scenario would be folly.

The Halliburton story has been done to death. I don't even want to re-drudge that dead dog. The writer seems to have skillfully woven in every moonbat theory ever invented.

Gone are the days of world community. The UN is made a laughing stock. Now it is back to "the law of the jungle" and "might equals right."

The UN was made a laughing stock by the way it handled Saddam. He flaunted their resolutions for a dozen years and new they would never do anything to enforce them. What he did not understand was that he was not dealing with Bill Clinton in the White House any longer. This paragraph also insinuates that Bush acted unilaterally in his decision to invade Iraq. The truth is he had a coalition of dozen's of countries put together.

The net result of renewing the arms race has been to make the world a more dangerous place. Bush ended the long standing Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Treaty and is installing a new generation of long range missiles in Alaska. Gone is the era of nuclear disarmament. "Global economy" and "spreading democracy" are euphemisms for economic imperialism or American mercantilism. The "War on Terrorism" is a euphemism for a war on dissidents.

Boy the rambling statements of 'fact' just keep coming. We left the ICBM treaty for good reason. We are faced with enemies that are not part of that treaty who are in fact developing deliverable nuclear weapons. Economic imperialism and mercantilism? That is quite rich. Maybe the writer should look up the numbers on America's trade deficit. What a completely stupid statement. Trust me Mr. Persia, the WOT is not euphemistic at all. The aim is to stamp out radical Islamofascists such as yourself. Your worldwide caliphate will not happen as long as America is around to stop it. We are not fighting dissidents, you morally devoid cretin. We are hunting down and killing those who killed our people. We are in fact freeing those oppressed by the people you love so much. I could go on for days about how despicable this thought is, but there is to much more wrong with this article to comment on.

Bush wages his wars without consulting the State Department, the CIA or the Pentagon. He has filled his private councils with hawkish Zionist advisors from the American Enterprise Institute. In his second term he is canning anyone who disagreed with him in his first term thus consolidating his sycophants around himself.

This is complete bullhocky. The Department of State, CIA, and the Pentagon are all under his purview as Commander in Chief. He meets with his cabinet all the time, and in fact took their advice on Afghanistan and Iraq. What a completely stupid comment. Equally stupid is the AEI reference he has thrown in. Give it up comrade. The true feelings of the writer can be seen in one word, Zionist. This man is a anti-Semite Islamist bigot. The only major person that has been let go is Donald Rumsfeld, who all the leftards hated anyway.

The Bush administration is laying siege to the environment and is selling off public lands. It is once more trying to ram drilling for oil in the Alaska wilderness through Congress without debate. Bush is trying to privatize the Social Security system. Nothing in his policies is intended to help middle America and the working class. He has cleverly used the fear factor of 911 to impose his agendas.

The administration is doing nothing of the sort. It has invested more money in alternative fuels than any administration before however. The Alaska drilling proposition has been dead for years. People as stupid as you made sure that didn't happen. They used pseudo-science and emotionalism to defeat it. The Social Security system reform was also ruined by you fools.

Cheaper domestic oil would help the lower and middle class. So would easing the burden on the young workers SS is going to place on them in the near future. His agendas have largely not been instituted. Maybe you have forgotten that here in America we have a legislature that creates laws. I know you are probably used to the stinky bearded Mullahs telling you what to do in Iran, so you may have forgotten.

Congress has been a rubber stamp giving Bush unusual authority under the War Powers Act even though a "War on Terrorism" is not really a war but an artifice existing only in the abstract and could go on forever with enemies imagined or real everywhere and nowhere and he is bankrupting our children's generation to pay for his follies.

Bullocks. The Congress is scheming to reduce the POTUS' powers that have always existed at times of war. The WOT is very real, as I am sure a lot of your dead Islamofascist buddies can attest. Ask Khalid how real it is.

Osama bin Laden is still on the Bush payroll; witness how Osama emerged from hiding after all this time just prior to the presidential election to advise Americans to vote for Kerry. This was a perfect way to use the fear factor to get the swing voters to vote for Bush because "By God, he is not afraid to bomb our enemies."

This is golden. How completely devoid of thought the writer must be to actually believe this is plausible. OBL is on the Bush Payroll. There is zero credibility with this guy at this point. The first sentence was enough for me, but this lunatic conspiracy is just to much.

Who has benefitted from 911? The military-industrial complex and the intelligence community! Their Iraq war against imaginary WMDs has created the largest national deficit in U.S. history. Meanwhile our public schools lay off staff and go wanting for materials at best and at worst they close down. The Patriot Act has assaulted our civil liberties. We are living in another McCarthy Era.

Who has benefited from 911? I would say the answer is obviously no one. Duh! The terrorists of Al Qaeda sure guessed wrong on America's response. We are losing our blood and treasure as a result of it.

Another McCarthy Era? I wish that were true. What a glorious time I would have seeing the Senate call out our internal enemies such as yourself.

Wake up people! Who is this administration really serving? What have they done for you lately? All they have done for you is make air travel into a major pain in the ... but not any safer...

Yep, total commie. The government does not need to 'do anything for me'. I am not sucking on the teat of the nanny state. Boohoo, you have to take off your shoes at the airport. As to safety, I haven't seen anymore planes flying into buildings have you? Do you know something we don't comrade?

Where is the national debate, where is the dialogue in Congress, it is time to argue...

Get up off of that bath rug you pray one and open your eyes moron. The debate is everywhere. WTF?

And while we talk about that, it is time to question the Keynesian Economic theory of Grow and Grow which has been driving this global economization for the past 40 years... has putting multi national corporations in charge of the world and in charge of your life really improved the quality of your life? I think not. Where is the end of a philosophy which preaches that if an economy is not growing it is failing?

Every day I look at world more and more crowded and competitive, and with depleting resources. I see technology being used to replace human jobs as cashiers in retail stores and airline passenger checkers and telephone receptionists. What is to become of all the people whose jobs have been lost to technology so that a capitalist can cut his costs?

Look how the flight of capital has destroyed entire sectors of our economy like farming and manufacturing so that capitalists can take advantage of cheaper labor in China. In 30 years when all the workers of the world are demanding the same pay and a clean environment what will the capitalists do then?

Zing! Out comes the inner communist.

Note: I wrote this post a few weeks ago, and forgot to post it. The point of it is to illustrate the kind of propaganda that is being fed to the people of the Muslim world.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Rudy Jumps the Shark


Rudy Giuliani has officially jumped the shark in my opinion. He stated the following in an interview when asked about publicly funded abortions.

Ultimately, it's a constitutional right, and therefore if it's a constitutional right, ultimately, even if you do it on a state by state basis, you have to make sure people are protected,

This has got to be the end for him. Can the Republican party really nominate someone as liberal as Giuliani for President of the United States?

This is antithema to everything conservatives stand for. Whether or not you think abortion should be legal isn't really the issue here. The issue is that Giuliani thinks your money should be given to poor women so they can have an abortion. This is a ridiculous position to hold, when you are claiming to be a Republican. You have the Constitutional right to drink beer if you want as well, yet we are not giving free beer away on the sidewalks. Rudy's statements further illustrate that he is not a conservative, and he is not fit to be awarded the Presidential nomination for the Republican party.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Such a Sad State of Affairs

We are hearing the ringing of one of the greatest civilizations death knells as we live through these times. Britain is on it's way out. The have surrendered to the specter of political correctness permanently it seems. The Iranian hostage fiasco has illustrated to the world, just how much of a beaten country Britain is. Other people have written much of this in recent days. I am sadly contemplating Britain's eventual drowning in the cesspool of multicultural appeasement-mongers that are the EU. Europe will no longer be part of 'The West'. We will be all that is left of the free world, once the surrender to the Islamofascist hordes are complete. I pray that I am wrong and the proud people who fathered our great nation, and whose people my family sprang from, will rise up and take control of their destiny soon.

I was working on a lengthy post about the release of the hostages, and after reading the Daily Mail's coverage of the story, along with the comments of every day Britons, I just can't bear to do it right now. They have lost their souls it seems. There is no difference, in their minds between Iran and America.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

This is Some Interesting Math

The Democrats have figured out a way to make a company's product cheaper by increasing their tax burden somehow.

This as usual is just more rubbish generated by the stuffed suits of the commutards. The Washington Times has an excellent story on this subject here.

A gallon of gas costs an average of $2.68 nationally and is rising -- about the same price as last spring when Democrats on the campaign trail vowed to swiftly ease the pain at the pump if elected.

The Democrats went on to win control of Congress, and the House quickly passed a bill to roll back oil subsidies, a measure leaders trumpeted as "a first step toward a future of energy independence." But months may pass before the Senate considers the bill, and analysts predict gas prices could hit $3 per gallon by summer.

This is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. Oil subsidies rollbacks are going to make gas cheaper somehow! It is a miracle! Stifling exploration, and discouraging oil companies to build more refineries, will somehow alleviate the price at the pump. This is so progressive! Those stupid Republicans should have thought about this, it is just so simple.

Instead of doing something, which is not government's place, to make gas cheaper, they actually did the opposite. This should not shock anyone. This is how the Democrats work.

"You have feel-good legislation, but at the end of the day it doesn't really alleviate the burden or change anything right away," said John Townsend, manager of public and government affairs at AAA.

Mr. Townsend said: "Much of what is going on is beyond the control of Congress."

Give this guy a raise. Of course it is beyond the control of Congress. Of course the libtards would not let a fact like that get in the way of their propaganda.

Still, Democratic leaders say their measure can help consumers. The Creating Long-Term Energy Alternatives for the Nation (CLEAN) Act rolls back $14 billion in oil subsidies for some of the largest energy companies, and the money saved would be used to stimulate research and development of alternative energy and fuels.

Great, more money down the rabbit hole. This is actually a bit of a lie. There is no money saved. Government does not make money, it only takes it from the citizenry. Yes, Exxon is made up of American citizens. It isn't just some evil entity bent on breaking the backs of the poor downtrodden SUV drivers on welfare. Much of these subsidies would have never been taken by the companies anyway. This is nothing more than another alternative fuels spending bill. The President has already spent billions on alternative energy technologies. This bill seems to be a repacking of someone elses idea. How shocking.

"We've allowed Exxon's bottom line to take priority over families struggling at the gas pump and the harmful effects of global warming," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, criticizing Republicans who controlled Congress as favoring oil executives over the public and promising change with new leadership. Mr. Reid made that remark in January when introducing his chamber's version of the bill, to be considered some time this year.

I swear that every time I read something Senator Reid says I want to just poke my eyes out. The Religion of the Goracle aside, this bill does not do a damn thing to lower gas prices. Some of the subsidies they repealed could have though.

One more quote from Her Highness for giggles.

"By investing in American ingenuity, Democrats will accelerate the implementation of existing clean, energy-efficient technologies," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California said Jan. 18, when her chamber passed the bill.

Oh how typically Pelosi. The Democrats are doing the investing. This is such a great quote. It illustrates perfectly her disconnection with the people. That is our money, not yours! You aren't investing in anything. We are. As to American ingenuity, all you do is stifle it with your over-regulation, and your labor unions. Her Democrats reference firmly ensconces the truth. She is a partisan hack, just like nearly every other politician in Washington.

Getting off my ass

So I bought a completely beater Yugo 59/66 SKS a couple months back. I got all the metal parts de-cosmoed, and need to put it back together. The stock is full of cosmo still, but I think I am going to work on that this weekend. One way or another I am going to get it back into one piece and see if it works. There was some trouble getting the hammer to fall originally, but I believe that was due to a mass of gunk in the works. We shall see. If I have time, which is doubtful due to Easter, I may get it to the range. That would be a complete miracle though honestly.

I like the gun though. It is neat piece of com-bloc design and manufacturing. The next gun on the list is the Mosin M-44 I got a couple weeks ago.

New commenting system

Since Rivrdog was whining about Blogger's sucky commenting system I switched to Haloscan commenting. Hopefully the curmudgeon will continue to tell me what is wrong with my ideas on a regular basis now. :p

At any rate, even though I program this crap every day, it didn't occur to me that all my old comments would dissapear once I switched to Haloscan. Stupid me I know. So I will try to manually copy over the old comments as time permits. This shouldn't take very long considering the low number of comments there were.

Thanks for turning me on to Haloscan Rivrdog. I hated the Blogger comment interface.

Chemical Ali to Hang

Well it is almost a forgone conclusion that good 'ol Chemical Ali, Saddam's wretched cousin, will soon receive the fate he so richly deserves. For anyone who doesn't remember, Ali was responsible for the Anfal massacre, in which Kurds were gassed to death unmercifully. They started by gassing all the roads out of town, and then struck the rest of the town ensuring the deaths of the innocent people of the city. It is one of the worst atrocities the regime committed against it's own people and the poor souls are finally going to have some justice.

An Iraqi prosecutor yesterday asked for the death penalty to be imposed against Saddam Hussein's cousin and four other former regime officials facing charges of crimes against humanity during a 1980s crackdown on Kurds, but he suggested a sixth defendant be released for lack of evidence.
Those being tried in the so-called Anfal trial include Ali Hassan al-Majid, also known as "Chemical Ali" for allegedly ordering poison gas attacks against the Kurds.

Al-Majid, Saddam's cousin and the former head of the Baath Party's Northern Bureau Command, has acknowledged in court that he gave orders to destroy scores of villages during the Anfal campaign, saying the area "was full of Iranian agents."