Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Such a Sad State of Affairs

We are hearing the ringing of one of the greatest civilizations death knells as we live through these times. Britain is on it's way out. The have surrendered to the specter of political correctness permanently it seems. The Iranian hostage fiasco has illustrated to the world, just how much of a beaten country Britain is. Other people have written much of this in recent days. I am sadly contemplating Britain's eventual drowning in the cesspool of multicultural appeasement-mongers that are the EU. Europe will no longer be part of 'The West'. We will be all that is left of the free world, once the surrender to the Islamofascist hordes are complete. I pray that I am wrong and the proud people who fathered our great nation, and whose people my family sprang from, will rise up and take control of their destiny soon.

I was working on a lengthy post about the release of the hostages, and after reading the Daily Mail's coverage of the story, along with the comments of every day Britons, I just can't bear to do it right now. They have lost their souls it seems. There is no difference, in their minds between Iran and America.