Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gun Control Kills

The horrible events at Virginia Tech are evidence of the abject failure of gun control policies. The poor souls that died were failed by their government. They should have been able to defend themselves from this monster, but instead they were shot like fish in a barrel.

Virginia Tech was a supposed Gun Free Zone. Someone forgot to tell the maniac on campus this apparently. The fallacy of gun control legislation continues to be very, very simple. Only the law-abiding obey laws. Criminals and depraved murderers do not. It really is that simple.

By proclaiming victory against gun rights, those that recently decided that VT students and faculty were not allowed to carry their perfectly legal concealed self defense tools on campus, may have doomed many of the people to their unfortunate deaths. We are talking about licensed individuals that are 21 years old or older. These people have been trained and deemed to be worthy of carrying the responsibility a concealed handgun comes with.

The knowledge that people may be armed is a very strong deterrent. These nuts are less likely to attack a place that may contained armed citizens with the training necessary to take them out. The gun free zone is like a license to kill. The deranged lunatic knows that his authority will not be challenged, and that he will be free to do whatever he wants.

We need to take a serious look at this issue, instead of enacting knee jerk, feel good legislation, that would make us all more defenseless to these monsters.