Monday, April 9, 2007

Mike Huckabee has the RKBA Down Better than any Other Candidate So Far

I heard this interview on the radio the other day.

Hugh Hewitt

HH: That’s exactly what I believe, but you know, candidates are dividing on that. Governor, I want to get to guns. There are big stories on guns, and Mitt Romney only having a rifle when he was a kid, and hadn’t hunted much since then. Newt Gingrich was on this program last week talking about guns. What about assault weapons, or what is called assault weapons in the law? Should Americans be allowed to have them.

MH: Absolutely. Americans ought to be allowed to have anything they want to have, as long as they’re law abiding, legal citizens. The 2nd Amendment was not there for hunting. I get so offended when Democrats talk about it as if you don’t need an assault weapon to hunt. Well truthfully, most Democrats wouldn’t know an assault weapon from a
BB gun. I’m a hunter, I have been my whole life. But the 2nd Amendment is not just about hunting. It’s about protecting your family, your property, and it’s honestly about defending ourselves against a tyrannical government, should it ever go haywire on us.

HH: What about machine guns, Governor?

MH: I’ve got friends who own them. They have the legal process to own them. But once again, I’m not afraid of a law abiding citizen owning anything. I’m afraid of a criminal getting his hands on a gun. That’s where the crackdown needs to be. This country’s gone crazy. It’s cracking down on law abiding citizens, and turning their heads at people who break the law. That’s the polar opposite.

Governor Huckabee is right on the money here. As we know the RKBA is not about hunting, libtards are gun-stupid, and punishing law-abiding citizens does not reduce crime. Bravo!