Friday, April 6, 2007

Communist Islamist Goodness

What a gold mine of ill-conceived thought, lies, conspiracy theory, and Islamist AND Communist propaganda I have stumbled onto. I found it in no other place than good 'ol Al Jazeera. You know, the terrorist's news network. They are quick to condemn the 'atrocities' of Abu Ghraib, while at the same time cheerfully showing people's heads being sliced off.

This wonderful article was on their front page as the main story. The 'writer' is one Brian H. Appleton. From some simple Googling he seems to be an American turned Iranian Islamist zealot. I am assuming he was an American or is still based on his name and some brief reading I came across about him on the web. His Muslim name is Rasool Aryadust apparently.

Let's take a look.

Bush cleverly used 9/11 fear factor to impose his agendas.

The title already sounds like a nutty moonbat piece. Trust me it gets a lot better. This entire article seems so 2005 libtard sheik[sic]. It is such a glorious amalgam of leftist / Islamofascist pablum.

Build and buy bigger SUV's and Humvee's and invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Now they plan and scheme to invade Iran even before poor Iraq is put back together again by American firms generously handed hundreds of contracts by this administration in a winner takes all in your face gesture to deride any nation which dissented over the invasion.

What an opening salvo! The first line combines the environment with an attack on middle class SUV owning Americans, and the two invasions. The paragraph is actually only two sentences, and the second one is a doozy. He throws in the 'contracts for Bush's buddies' theory, the 'cowboy diplomacy' canard, and works in a bit about how Bush is stifling dissension. What a genius!

The facts of course are in direct opposition with his 'reality'. America is making smaller vehicles and less people are buying big SUVs. The Humvee hasn't changed in the least. The impending Iranian invasion is taken straight from the liberal talking heads of the MSM. Yes, in fact, the Pentagon has a plan to invade Iran. We have plans to invade all of our potential enemies. Always have and always will. It is called responsible planning. The Clinton administration's Pentagon did the exact same thing. To not plan for such a scenario would be folly.

The Halliburton story has been done to death. I don't even want to re-drudge that dead dog. The writer seems to have skillfully woven in every moonbat theory ever invented.

Gone are the days of world community. The UN is made a laughing stock. Now it is back to "the law of the jungle" and "might equals right."

The UN was made a laughing stock by the way it handled Saddam. He flaunted their resolutions for a dozen years and new they would never do anything to enforce them. What he did not understand was that he was not dealing with Bill Clinton in the White House any longer. This paragraph also insinuates that Bush acted unilaterally in his decision to invade Iraq. The truth is he had a coalition of dozen's of countries put together.

The net result of renewing the arms race has been to make the world a more dangerous place. Bush ended the long standing Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Treaty and is installing a new generation of long range missiles in Alaska. Gone is the era of nuclear disarmament. "Global economy" and "spreading democracy" are euphemisms for economic imperialism or American mercantilism. The "War on Terrorism" is a euphemism for a war on dissidents.

Boy the rambling statements of 'fact' just keep coming. We left the ICBM treaty for good reason. We are faced with enemies that are not part of that treaty who are in fact developing deliverable nuclear weapons. Economic imperialism and mercantilism? That is quite rich. Maybe the writer should look up the numbers on America's trade deficit. What a completely stupid statement. Trust me Mr. Persia, the WOT is not euphemistic at all. The aim is to stamp out radical Islamofascists such as yourself. Your worldwide caliphate will not happen as long as America is around to stop it. We are not fighting dissidents, you morally devoid cretin. We are hunting down and killing those who killed our people. We are in fact freeing those oppressed by the people you love so much. I could go on for days about how despicable this thought is, but there is to much more wrong with this article to comment on.

Bush wages his wars without consulting the State Department, the CIA or the Pentagon. He has filled his private councils with hawkish Zionist advisors from the American Enterprise Institute. In his second term he is canning anyone who disagreed with him in his first term thus consolidating his sycophants around himself.

This is complete bullhocky. The Department of State, CIA, and the Pentagon are all under his purview as Commander in Chief. He meets with his cabinet all the time, and in fact took their advice on Afghanistan and Iraq. What a completely stupid comment. Equally stupid is the AEI reference he has thrown in. Give it up comrade. The true feelings of the writer can be seen in one word, Zionist. This man is a anti-Semite Islamist bigot. The only major person that has been let go is Donald Rumsfeld, who all the leftards hated anyway.

The Bush administration is laying siege to the environment and is selling off public lands. It is once more trying to ram drilling for oil in the Alaska wilderness through Congress without debate. Bush is trying to privatize the Social Security system. Nothing in his policies is intended to help middle America and the working class. He has cleverly used the fear factor of 911 to impose his agendas.

The administration is doing nothing of the sort. It has invested more money in alternative fuels than any administration before however. The Alaska drilling proposition has been dead for years. People as stupid as you made sure that didn't happen. They used pseudo-science and emotionalism to defeat it. The Social Security system reform was also ruined by you fools.

Cheaper domestic oil would help the lower and middle class. So would easing the burden on the young workers SS is going to place on them in the near future. His agendas have largely not been instituted. Maybe you have forgotten that here in America we have a legislature that creates laws. I know you are probably used to the stinky bearded Mullahs telling you what to do in Iran, so you may have forgotten.

Congress has been a rubber stamp giving Bush unusual authority under the War Powers Act even though a "War on Terrorism" is not really a war but an artifice existing only in the abstract and could go on forever with enemies imagined or real everywhere and nowhere and he is bankrupting our children's generation to pay for his follies.

Bullocks. The Congress is scheming to reduce the POTUS' powers that have always existed at times of war. The WOT is very real, as I am sure a lot of your dead Islamofascist buddies can attest. Ask Khalid how real it is.

Osama bin Laden is still on the Bush payroll; witness how Osama emerged from hiding after all this time just prior to the presidential election to advise Americans to vote for Kerry. This was a perfect way to use the fear factor to get the swing voters to vote for Bush because "By God, he is not afraid to bomb our enemies."

This is golden. How completely devoid of thought the writer must be to actually believe this is plausible. OBL is on the Bush Payroll. There is zero credibility with this guy at this point. The first sentence was enough for me, but this lunatic conspiracy is just to much.

Who has benefitted from 911? The military-industrial complex and the intelligence community! Their Iraq war against imaginary WMDs has created the largest national deficit in U.S. history. Meanwhile our public schools lay off staff and go wanting for materials at best and at worst they close down. The Patriot Act has assaulted our civil liberties. We are living in another McCarthy Era.

Who has benefited from 911? I would say the answer is obviously no one. Duh! The terrorists of Al Qaeda sure guessed wrong on America's response. We are losing our blood and treasure as a result of it.

Another McCarthy Era? I wish that were true. What a glorious time I would have seeing the Senate call out our internal enemies such as yourself.

Wake up people! Who is this administration really serving? What have they done for you lately? All they have done for you is make air travel into a major pain in the ... but not any safer...

Yep, total commie. The government does not need to 'do anything for me'. I am not sucking on the teat of the nanny state. Boohoo, you have to take off your shoes at the airport. As to safety, I haven't seen anymore planes flying into buildings have you? Do you know something we don't comrade?

Where is the national debate, where is the dialogue in Congress, it is time to argue...

Get up off of that bath rug you pray one and open your eyes moron. The debate is everywhere. WTF?

And while we talk about that, it is time to question the Keynesian Economic theory of Grow and Grow which has been driving this global economization for the past 40 years... has putting multi national corporations in charge of the world and in charge of your life really improved the quality of your life? I think not. Where is the end of a philosophy which preaches that if an economy is not growing it is failing?

Every day I look at world more and more crowded and competitive, and with depleting resources. I see technology being used to replace human jobs as cashiers in retail stores and airline passenger checkers and telephone receptionists. What is to become of all the people whose jobs have been lost to technology so that a capitalist can cut his costs?

Look how the flight of capital has destroyed entire sectors of our economy like farming and manufacturing so that capitalists can take advantage of cheaper labor in China. In 30 years when all the workers of the world are demanding the same pay and a clean environment what will the capitalists do then?

Zing! Out comes the inner communist.

Note: I wrote this post a few weeks ago, and forgot to post it. The point of it is to illustrate the kind of propaganda that is being fed to the people of the Muslim world.