Friday, April 20, 2007

Reid is a Tool

A tool of the enemy apparently. The deer in the headlights look has returned once again to Sen. Harry Reid. He proclaimed yesterday that the war in Iraq is lost. Well thanks for letting us all know that Senator. I did not realize that you were privy to such information, seeing as how the Commander in Chief, The Pentagon, nor the men and women fighting on the ground have figured that out yet.

Yes, Harry is a silly politician. There are several things wrong with his statement, not only the fact that it is a lie.

First, and foremost, this will get more of our soldiers injured and killed. That is right, I am proclaiming that Harry Reid, now known as 'Bagdad Harry', is responsible for putting our soldier lives in more danger. The enemy uses these political stunts to recruit new members, and embolden those who may have been deciding that maybe living in a free country beats getting blown away by the US military after all. Reid must know that these kinds of statements play into our enemy's hands. If he does not he is a complete fool. Surely a Senator with as much experience as Reid isn't playing with a short deck. This means he intends to harm our troops and hopes that we lose in Iraq. All so he and his party can gain more power.

He apparently doesn't care about this country or her fighting men. He would say that he wants to support the troops by bringing them home. That is a nice emotional argument, but what happens when they have to go over there again and re-fight the same war in five years? Does anyone think Iraq will be safer when the terrorists are allowed to take over and make it their primary base for years? What does it say to their sacrifice? Sorry boys, good on ya, but you aren't good enough to beat those people, and you have sacrificed everything for nothing. That is something I want to see.

The other part of this that bothers me is it's intellectual dishonesty. The surge has been happening slowly for a couple months now. No fair person expected it to work this quickly. The dividends it has shown have actually been pretty amazing. Bagdad Harry, sees one bad day of terrorist attacks and proclaims it a failure, before it has been given a chance to work. This is a prime example of inductive reasoning. It is based on emotion and the desire to consolidate power, instead of fact and logic. This is how liberals think unfortunately.

This is their playbook. They did the same thing during Vietnam. They took Tet, in which the Viet Cong got virtually wiped out, and proclaimed it a defeat. Shortly after that they defunded the war, causing America to retreat in shame, and allowing millions to be slaughtered because America backed out of her commitments and did not protect them like we promised.

This time will be different. If the communist filth making up the Democrat party is allowed to pull the same defeatist stunt, the jihadis will follow us home.

One last thing. We are not defeated until we surrender.