Tuesday, May 29, 2007

They Should be Hung!

Apparently some commutard bastards vandalized soldiers graves in Washington state for Memorial Day. They burned the flags the American Legion had placed on the soldiers tombs, and replaced them with Swastikas. I am sure many of these heroes actually fought against the Nazis. No one should expect leftist moonbats to get the irony of their stupid stunt. They are a disgrace, and I can only pray they get caught.


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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Waisted Faith

I received one of those chain emails about God saving us from ourselves today. The sentiment was nice, and correct to a certain extent. I think that a person's faith can see them through some very difficult times. It is correct as a believer to believe that God will provide you a path to pull yourself out of whatever pit you are in. He may even intercede in some cases.

Having faith in God to rescue you from financial stupidity is not the best idea. I don't think the Creator should be seen as a bankruptcy court for the irresponsible. Unfortunately you see this all the time. The TV shyster preachers claim that if you send them your money, your financial miracle is going to come any day now. They prey on the weak-minded folks that got themselves in a bad financial situation to begin with. Sending the TV preacher with the nice hair your last $200 instead of paying your electric bill will end up with you sitting in the dark. It most likely isn't what God would have you do either.

Yes there is a common component of giving to receive blessings in most religions. Call it karma, reaping what you sow, or whatever. Giving is good for the soul period. Helping others is a rewarding thing to do. It should not be your financial plan though. That is just silly. Trusting God to ward off the repo man, on the car you haven't made a payment on in six months, is most likely not going to work well.

I feel like the leaders of the Church, the individual everyday minister, need to focus on one's personal responsibility more. Yes you should trust God to show you the path, but don't rely on him to bail you out when you have been irresponsible. Like any good parent, He will let you learn things the hard way.

For to long people have used their Faith as a crutch to convince themselves that their irresponsibility is OK because the man with the plan upstairs is going to jump in and intercede at any moment. Most of the time they are disappointed with the results. The TV preacher tells them that all they need is faith, and when it fails to deliver the pile of cash they want, they lose what faith they had, and end up worse off than they were.

As I said, I think faith can help you through difficult times. Say the man of the house loses his job due to him being injured. A family's faith/hope, friends, and church can all help them overcome the difficulty. Sitting on the front lawn waiting for the refrigerator to mysteriously get filled up is not the answer.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Air America Relaunch Includes Bloomberg Interview


Anti-gun mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to appear on Air America when the network is relaunched next week. That isn't to big of a surprise. Bloomberg is a NY Republican after all. He is about as conservative as Noam Chomsky. For any that don't know Bloomberg has been chided by the federal government for overstepping his authority. He was running 'stings' designed to trick out of state gun dealers into illegally selling guns to the Mayor's investigators. So as mayor of a city, he not only tried to enforce laws outside of the city, but also outside of his state. For some reason Mr. Bloomberg thinks he is King apparently.

One interesting note in this article is the media's insistence that he is on the verge of announcing a bid for the Republican Presidential nomination. This of course is media lunacy at it's finest. Bloomberg would have about as much chance as Ron Paul does, in winning the nomination. The media's favorite RINO McCain has imploded within the party, so they are looking for another poster boy to tout. I guess liberal candidate Rudy Giuliani is out because he actually wants to protect America from the terrorists. He has no problem with killing babies and disarming law abiding citizens, but 2 out of 3 must not be enough for the progressive press.

The men running Air America now claim they want to run it "as a business". What a novel concept. The libtards must have thought the American tax payer funded all their radio stations, not just NPR. Here's to hoping that the new Air America is the abject failure the previous incarnation was.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fishing in an Actual Tournament Tomorrow

Yep, me and the Beautiful Conservative, are fishing in a tournament on Lake Bridgeport tomorrow. Supposedly lots of numbers of smaller bass are being caught. We should be able to easily bring in a small limit to weigh in. Of course we have heard this before and not caught a damn thing.

We have to get up at 4:00 AM and head to the lake for the take off at safe light. I am really looking forward to it. I always have a good time at the tournaments whether I catch anything or not. We only fish our club tournaments. We are members of the Bass Club of Fort Worth. It is a great little club, that is very family oriented.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Caffeine and Sugar Only Go So Far

Well, as many of you may have guessed, I have been a busy beaver this week. There has been no time to blog at all. I am codemonkey! It has been some time since my body has sat in front of a computer screen for more than 12 hours straight writing God-forsaken Java code. It hasn't been long enough unfortunately.

It all started Wednesday or so. My Overlords decided that all the changes I had left for a project that has been ongoing for over a year, just had to be done this week. Their way of expressing authority I guess. Typical manager move really. They have no clue what it takes to make this stuff, so they just guess, or don't care.

Anyway so I look at what is left and figure it is probably a weeks worth of work. I have three days. OK, this sucks, but it is doable. Unfortunately the users of this application have been sitting on their asses instead of testing it, so up until yesterday at 4:30, the project coordinator was still recieving modification requests.

My wonderful manager decides Thursday that we will accept all modification through Friday, and "You will just have to work this weekend a little." She said she would see me here this morning! LOL! I got a call from her at 6:00 PM from her soccer game she was watching. Typical.

Anyway so I have been coding at least 12 hours a day since Wednesday and it sucks. I am to old for this bullshit. Other people's lazyness should not result in me being the only schmoe working all weekend.

Oh well, I am a coder, and it comes with the territory. Just needed to whine for a couple minutes.