Monday, May 21, 2007

Air America Relaunch Includes Bloomberg Interview


Anti-gun mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to appear on Air America when the network is relaunched next week. That isn't to big of a surprise. Bloomberg is a NY Republican after all. He is about as conservative as Noam Chomsky. For any that don't know Bloomberg has been chided by the federal government for overstepping his authority. He was running 'stings' designed to trick out of state gun dealers into illegally selling guns to the Mayor's investigators. So as mayor of a city, he not only tried to enforce laws outside of the city, but also outside of his state. For some reason Mr. Bloomberg thinks he is King apparently.

One interesting note in this article is the media's insistence that he is on the verge of announcing a bid for the Republican Presidential nomination. This of course is media lunacy at it's finest. Bloomberg would have about as much chance as Ron Paul does, in winning the nomination. The media's favorite RINO McCain has imploded within the party, so they are looking for another poster boy to tout. I guess liberal candidate Rudy Giuliani is out because he actually wants to protect America from the terrorists. He has no problem with killing babies and disarming law abiding citizens, but 2 out of 3 must not be enough for the progressive press.

The men running Air America now claim they want to run it "as a business". What a novel concept. The libtards must have thought the American tax payer funded all their radio stations, not just NPR. Here's to hoping that the new Air America is the abject failure the previous incarnation was.