Friday, March 9, 2007

Forget Newt

As much as we share in our beliefs, he can not be the nominee. Not that he has a chance anyway necessarily. Lots of conservatives were looking to him for relief from the crew of RINOs. The party of family values does not need to nominate a philanderer however. That is one of the multitude of reasons Rudy should not get the nomination. We conservatives need to let our voices be known to these sham RINOs and immoral perverts. "This is not good enough!" This should be our mantra. We our looking for our political leader. The standards should be set high. We are looking for the man to lead us into the next phase of the GWOT, and to lead us away from the crazy socialists. We are looking for our new Commander in Chief we can be proud of, and that our Armed Forces can be proud to serve under.

That is right. We don't want a closet liberal that is 'electable'. We want a REAL conservative Republican. While Newt certainly is a conservative and I agree with him on many, many issues, I can not in good conscious support him anymore.

I am not a perfect man. Many mistakes have been made in the past. I will never cheat on my wife however. Sure many people do it, and hopefully the majority of them can reconcile with their wives, themselves, and their God. It isn't equivalent to killing babies, or torturing puppies to be sure, but it is still wrong. I have overlooked Newt's wife cheating ways for a while now.

I came to a realization this morning that I can not overlook it anymore. There must be honor. If we can not risk it all for our beliefs we are no better than the moral relativist leftists. I am sick of playing the game. I don't want to compromise for someone we think can win anymore. Why should we sell our souls? Just so we can beat the Democrats? Don't get me wrong, I will pull the handle for Rudy if he is the nominee. I won't like it, but it will happen. It will also continue to push the GOP in the wrong direction.

Are we to be the conservative party of Canada now? Must we continue to serve our PC taskmasters in the media? Will we continue to be hypocrites by preaching our beliefs, and electing people that don't follow them? No damn it NO! How can we claim to want to preserve marriage, while at the same time electing people that have no reverence for the institution at all. How can someone be a family values man, and break the most important value?

So there you have it. Newt is off my list. So pray tell who should we support you ask? At the moment I am leaning towards Duncan Hunter. He seems to be a great guy. A real conservative. He built the border fence in San Diego, is against gay marriage, pro-life, a fiscal conservative, and most importantly a staunch supporter of the RKBA. He supports national concealed carry, and would veto any renewals of the Clinton Gun Ban. There will be more info about Hunter here in the near future.