Monday, March 19, 2007

Lawn work!

Well we spent the weekend working on the lawn. We ended up with 20 bags of leaves after bagging them up all day Sunday! A lot of that included grass sucked up by the mower, while The Boy, was mowing up the leaves. This was only the front yard!

We also cleaned out a bed that had a couple of nasty Buford Holly bushes. They were not doing well, and had apparently been just surviving for years. The Better Half chopped down the bushes and was able to fairly easily remove the root balls. She hates Bufords apparently. We ended up planting a bunch of hostas, and caladiums in the space, and mulched it with some new black mulch. It actually looked really cool. The only problem is going to be keeping the stupid leaves out of it!

It was a nice bit of work, got the yard mowed and ready to start growing for the season, and got a lot of cleanup done. Hopefully next weekend will be the back yard. It should be a bit easier, than the front.

We still have a few leaves falling so, we will probably have to do the cleanup routine again, but it won't be nearly the hassle it was this time.