Friday, March 30, 2007

Political Hackery Abounds with new Supplemental Spending Bills

I have had one post that dealt with what I call political hackery in the past. You may remember it, Politics and Science Don't Mix. Although that one really falls under a mixture of political and scientific hackery, here is another shining example.

This post will deal with one aspect of the ridiculously disgusting actions of our legislature this week with regards to the supplemental war spending bills they passed. I will most likely write later about other aspects of this travesty. The depravity it takes to sell your vote on the backs of our soldiers, the leftist sickness that induces one to surrender to one's enemies, putting our soldiers lives at risk, giving aid and comfort to our enemies, committing intentional acts of sedition, and so on. Today we look at what hack jobs these bills are. Three things specifically scream of political hackery.

Putting a timeline on withdrawing troops from a war is not the Legislature's job. The Constitution gives specific powers to the POTUS and the legislature. The President controls the operating of the war and Congress controls the purse strings. This bill could very well be ruled un-Constitutional by SCOTUS if it were ever to get that far. That is a big if though, judging on the Court's relative silence on the war powers issue over the years.

At any rate Congress is not supposed to interfere with the action on the ground. If they want to stop a war they can easily do so, by yanking the funding for it. That is precisely what happened with the Vietnam conflict. They managed to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory, and it appears they are trying to do it again.

The current crop of leftist-defeatists lack the courage of the Vietnam-era traitors. They aren't willing to put their butt on the line by ending the war the way they should. They know that the aftermath would most likely end many of their careers, so they resort to this legislative flatulence to try to force their will on the President and our fighting forces, without putting their eggs in the basket.

Everyone that voted for these bills knows the President is going to veto them and they also know they don't have the votes to override his veto. This is a macabre sideshow. He has promised to do so from the get go. The forced withdrawal is not the legislature's prerogative, as we have already discussed. Bush must veto this. Not vetoing it would weaken the Presidency and upset the balance of power for generations to come. The Congress critters will try to paint the veto in a light that indicates the POTUS is not supporting the troops, because he vetoed their money. This of course will be the definition of political hackery. The media will of course assume their usual role, and many uninformed Americans will swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

Tying political goals to war funding is wrong. It simply should not be done. If you want to try to force an arbitrary date on the President, don't do it as part of a funding bill. This money pays the troops salaries, along with buying them bullets, gear, and upgrading their current gear so they can better do their jobs and stay as safe as possible. Delaying this money for political reasons is a disgrace. I wouldn't have nearly the problem with this surrender date bullshit as I do, if the Democrats were to simply create a new bill with that in it, instead of politicizing the troop's money dishonestly.