Thursday, March 29, 2007

Preach it sister!

In the 20th century, secular humanism crept into American and Western governments, promising openness and tolerance for diverse groups, religions and philosophies, she said.

“What we got was narrow positivism, moral relativism and the totalitarian reign of the radical multiculturalist,” Brown said. “It promised peace. What we got was a process of permanent revolution, tumult, strife and a ceaseless assault upon the foundations of faith, family and civil society. It promised if not the pursuit of truth, at least rationality and acknowledgment of objective reality. What we got was postmodernism.” The battle, in her view, is not political but theological: “Contrary to the prevailing secularist dogma ... a society cannot exist without a fighting faith. Where society has nothing to die for, it has nothing to live for and cannot long survive.”


HatTip: Drudge

Wow. This statement is as on point as it gets. It, in a very concise way, illustrates perfectly what is wrong with the secular progressive's governance model and how it has failed miserably.

I am not a religious person, but I totally get what she is saying and agree with her. Good nomination Dubya.

The sad thing is, she is a direct example of how the leftist's don't practice what the preach. She was a sharecroppers daughter, that went to segregated schools, and worked her way up to the California Supreme Court. The Democrats opposed her nomination for years because she wasn't an atheist zealot I guess, despite her minority status.