Monday, March 12, 2007

Fishin' Fever!

I got it bad. Having not been able to fish in the last year, the bass are calling my name. About a month ago I removed all the line from my rods and cleaned them all up. All the reels seem to be in great shape, so they are good to go.

A few weeks ago we retrieved our boat from it's desolate Purgatory of our friend's driveway. The poor thing hasn't been in the water in a year. Yesterday we pulled her out of the garage and put some fuel treatment in the tank with the old gas that is in there. I put some air in the tires and took her for a spin to mix the gas. Thankfully she started right up. So that is another hopefully good to go item. I also plugged in our trolling motor battery. Hopefully it is still good and will take a charge.

All my tackle looks to be in excellent shape. None of the soft plastics melted over the summer, and all the compartments managed to stay dry. Everything is just how I last left it.

The next thing to do is re-register the boat and trailer. Then we should be fairly good to go. Hopefully the boat will run as expected once we get it on the lake. Oh yeah, I get to give the BRA $50 so I can have the privilege of launching my boat at our private boat ramp, and use our private dock. Somehow this new sticker fee is supposed to draw more people to the lake(Possum Kingdom Lake). Yeah, OK!

The fish are apparently back at PK. The FIL has fished a couple of tournaments in recent months down there, and did real well the first time. He said there are lots of small fish to catch, which is fine with me. We plan on getting out to the lake house hopefully every other weekend this summer. I will probably end up leaving the boat up there all summer.

I plan to get the kids into some sand bassin' for sure. The sandies are the most plentiful fish around at PK, so it shouldn't be to hard to find some birds working or something. If all else fails I had good luck trolling for them last year at Grapevine and Richland Chambers. It was pretty fun actually, just tool along until you feel one on the line and reel them in.

May be able to get into some catfish some too. I plan on spending a lot of time on this lake, so I can learn it better.