Friday, March 2, 2007


If you look at the newly added label section to the right, I have started to group my posts by categories. There will be a lot of categories I am sure at some point. These will be revised as the blog grows, but one that will not be removed is preparedness. I consider it my duty as the head of my household, and hopefully my Kimmie's future husband, to be prepared to defend my family if the need arises. It is the quintessential function of the head male, in my opinion, to provide for and insure the well-being of those God has put under my care.

I am not some mall ninja badass. I am also not a conspiracy theorist. I just want to be able to defend and nourish me and mine. There are a number of emergency situations that can come up that will require action of some type to be taken on my part. Some are more likely than others. These range from natural disaster ala Katrina, to civil unrest, to total societal breakdown, to my Constitution being destroyed by my government. So I may appear to be a bit nutty at times with some of my preparedness posts. I am not. I am a very logical, reasonable person. Our lives are not going to be adversely effected by being prepared. I don't live in fear, and I don't hope that something bad happens. I just want to be able to say to my maker when the time comes that I did my best to perform my duties as a man.

This is not some misogynistic, chest-puffing thing. Nothing can be further from the truth really. I don't see women as inferior weak creatures. I plan to fully prepare the women in my life to be able to defend themselves and our family if need be.