Monday, March 19, 2007

New side banner

You will notice a new side banner that proclaims 'I stand with Israel'. I do stand with Israel, and thought this nice banner would show that. The blogger who graciously created and hosts it can be found by clicking the banner.

There is a scripture listed as well. While I have no problem with this whatsoever, my reasons for supporting Israel are a little different. I am not saying the creator of the banner agrees or disagrees with my reasoning, just that I am not supporting Israel for religious views or purposes. The significance of the Holy Land to most of the large religions around the world is obvious. In fact many who are not religious have 'felt something' in varying degrees from being there, especially at places like the Temple Mount.

My support comes from a political/what is right view. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. They have been fighting the terrorists for years for their very survival. The tiny country has been our ally along the way, and we as good people have supported her right to exist.

The Israelis no doubt, as Jews, are probably the most maligned group of people in history. From the days of captivity in Egypt, to the Holocaust, and unfortunately even today, the Jewish peoples of the world have been slaughtered and discriminated against at every turn.