Friday, March 16, 2007

Socialist media darlings

This is an interesting piece by the AP. It tells us that Fidel is going to be able to run for 'reelection'. I am sure it will be a hard fought race full of debates, weighing of the issues by the people, and conscientious voting. If you were to read this article without knowing any better, this might sound plausible.

That of course assumes that you forget that Castro is a despotic dictator. It isn't that hard to win elections when you lock up and/or murder those that are opposed to you in the least bit. On balance, Fidel is no Stalin, he is kind of a mini-Stalin. What better way to help the people than to kill or imprison those that don't embrace your communist utopian charade?

Barbara Wawas on the other hand has an interview coming up with none other than Fidel's protégé Hugo Chavez. Comrade Chavez according to her is a sweet and charming guy. He has however hung out with none other than our first black President Bill Clinton. This should alleviate our fears that he is a communist despot in training. Pay no attention with his man love for Castro, or his smiling poses with Iran's President, who wants to chop our heads off, and slaughter all the Jews. He is the new Ghandi!