Thursday, September 6, 2007

Working on the Beater

Well I finally decided to work on the beater SKS a bit. I bought it months ago, and cleaned all the cosmoline off of everything but the stock. The stock itself was carved up by some commie soldier named Marko at some point. This thing is a turd really. I am not all to sure it will even fire. The trigger is a bit wonky. I could not get it to drop when it was coated in cosmo, but hope it will once it is reassembled.

So anyway, I chose a harsh method to clean the stock. Acetone and a steel brush! I am sure this would make many run screaming, but it seemed to work well. The wood grain is a little loose, but some sanding should cure that. I plan to use some hard core wood filler I found to fill the carvings, sand the whole thing, and paint it with some lightly textured paint I found. It should look fairly tacticool when it is done.

Even if the gun is a total loss, this will have been a decent learning experience. I can always use this as a parts gun for other Yugos. I plan to have 3-5 of them ready to roll at some point. You can't get a much cheaper assault rifle to give someone in a TEOTWAWKI situation. Let's not forget that they share ammo with the AK, and I want a couple of those as well. :)