Monday, September 17, 2007

Dishonest Media Strikes Again

Well, well, well. I knew the hysteria over Greenspan's supposed opposition to the war in Iraq was crap. For anyone that missed it, the MSM was basically reporting that he was of the opinion that it was just a "war for oil", which of course they assume everyone agrees would be a bad motive. All the leftards got excited and ran with the ball.

Unfortunately for them Greenspan has clarified his stance. He suggested that protecting the worlds oil supplies was a great reason to get rid of Saddam, and saw no other option based on that reasoning alone. This of course was a fine reason which I agree with, but as Greenspan himself is now saying, the Bush administration pretty much rejected it. Ouch! Sorry lying communists. Guess that is one canard you can't use anymore.

Oh what am I thinking. They will still revert to it as part of their pre-programming groupspeak when they can't win an argument as usual. It is right up there with:

You're a racist!
You're a homophobe!


You want poor babies to starve!

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