Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Moonbats are Coming, The Moonbats are Coming!

I swear they are invading my beloved Cowtown! This morning I saw two of these foreign creatures. The first looked like he was about 20. He had several bumper stickers on his '95 Chevy Cavalier. These included jewels like "Impeach Bush", "End the Warfare State", and "9/11 was an Inside Job". So this guy was both a moonbat and a truther! A fine example indeed.

The other example was driving a Subaru Forester. That of course was a warning sign. As I got closer I noticed the plethora of inane bumper stickers including "Free Tibet", some rainbow crap, and other various slogans. The real prize here was the driver. A shaved-headed lesbian.

Two fine nutter examples to be sure. This species is not supposed to be here however. They are supposed to remain confined in Austin dang it!