Thursday, September 6, 2007

Kucinich Hangs out with Bashar

US Democratic presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich, on a Mideast visit that included a stop in Syria, said the country lambasted by the Bush administration deserves credit for taking in more than a million Iraqi refugees.

Kucinich, a strong anti-war opponent who trails far in the US presidential polls, also said he won't visit Iraq on his trip to the region because he considers the US military deployment there illegal.

We all know DK is a complete moonbat, but isn't hanging out with the enemy a bit much? Come on Denny. You aren't Jane Fonda, you are an elected representative of real life American citizens.

Kucinich, who accused the Bush administration of policies that have destabilized the Mideast, met with Syrian President Bashar Assad during his visit to Damascus. He said Assad was receptive to his ideas of "strength through peace."

Say it ain't so! Our enemies are receptive to us not doing a damn thing to stop them? What a revelation. Let's all break out the bongs and Cheetos.

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