Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Totally Unexpected

Well, I have something to admit. Something I never thought would happen, has happened. This is like a Ford lover, buying a Chevy and liking it. It's like a charcoal user embracing propane. I have become totally enamored with revolvers, especially single action revolvers. As you all know, my wife bought a nice .38 Spl LadySmith last week. Somehow her revolver lust has infected me.

My trip to get the SKS took a surprising turn of events last week. I looked at it for a while, and decided against buying it. It was missing it's bayonet. After looking around for a while, I had the helpful gun clerk show me two guns. The first was the 6" Security Six Kim had looked at, and the second was the Ruger Single Six special edition "The Last Cowboy". The Security Six was soon eliminated. It was pretty beat up. Lots of scrub marks, scratches, and the rear sight was beat to hell. This gun had been shot a whole lot, and I felt the price of $329 was just to high for it. So I held "The Last Cowboy". Oh my! What a gun this was. It was not only beautiful, it felt wonderful to hold. The grip was perfect. Pulling the hammer back, and forth felt completely natural.

I did have some trepidation about buying this gun though. First of all, I had dedicated myself to only spend the $179 that the Norinco was going to cost. This little pretty revolver was twice that cost. Hmmm, what to do? On one hand, I would be buying yet another expensive firearm that I could afford, but maybe the money would be better spent elsewhere. I also had not asked my lovely new bride about purchasing it. On the other hand, this was an exceptional piece in my mind. It handled so well. It was a somewhat rare revolver as well, and it WAS so pretty. The latter argument won out and I bought the pistol. I called Kim and told her, half expecting a mild rebuke. I got a rebuke alright, but it wasn't what was expected in the least. She said, "What are you doing buying MY gun?!?!?!?". She was mad because I beat her to it. :)

This gun was made by Ruger back in 2002 apparently. Talo Inc. got a hold of a bunch of them and gave them the special treatment. I believe it was released in 2006. I will get some pics up this weekend. There are several differences between it and a regular single six. The cylinder has a gold ring around it, the imitation ivory grips have the LC initials, and there is a little gold picture on the top of the grip of the cowboy emblem.

I bought this gun as a collector's piece. I fully intended never to fire it. That did not last long however. I found a 20 round box of the very expensive ammo it takes, and fired all twenty rounds through it. What an accurate and sweet shooting little gun this is. It is easily my new favorite. I am looking into reloading ammo for it now. This thing is a shooter, and it may be a bit unfortunate to shoot it, but I did buy it to enjoy it. Oh yeah, it also came with a nice crossdraw leather holster.