Friday, November 30, 2007

The Clash of Supposed Civilizations

We have all been told that we are in a clash of civilizations with the Islamic world. I bought that line of reasoning for quite some time. The truth is a bit different than this now cliché phrase would have us believe. We are in a clash between civilization and non-civility. Our enemies would plunge the world back into the dark ages if they were allowed to realize their goals.

This post is not about a sudden realization on my part that Islamofascism is in fact evil. The evidence for this case is overwhelming. The myriad of hijackings, bombings, 9/11, disgusting beheadings, suicide bombings, murdering of children, and systematic torture of anyone and everyone, is more than a damning case. Only the lunatic fringe tries to excuse the tactics of the hardened terrorist. The story I read this morning about the protests in The Sudan, story, awakened me to the fact that Islam itself is in fact evil and far from anything that can be called civilized. It was not some sort of epiphany however. I have believed that Islam was a backwards despotic nightmare of a religion and political system for some time. This story just confirms that I guess.

The image of hundreds of people calling for the death of this teacher while moving about with sticks and swords in their hands is what got me. This is civilization? It is reminiscent of a band of European peasants coming after an innocent supposed witch with their wooden pitchforks, scythes, and flaming torches. "Burn her!", they scream. Well, this imams proclamation is not much different.

Imprisoning this lady does not satisfy the thirst of Muslims in Sudan. But we welcome imprisonment and expulsion.

The thirst of Muslims? What kind of depraved death cult are we dealing with here? They are bloodthirsty savages. This woman did nothing wrong. Her children named a damned teddy bear Mohammed, and all hell broke loose. Who gives a crap if Muslims are offended anymore? When are they not? They have offended me dozens of times. Of course I am not likely to chop off someone's head for offending me or my religion. They however knee jerk to death to the infidel at any perceived slight.

As Sir Winston would say, we are better than these people. Our western, and specifically English-speaking civilization is the greatest the world has ever known. We must defend it against these mongrel hordes of savages, and those who seek to appease them.

Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a barbaric political system that is used to concrete power for the few, by brutalizing the many.