Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Merry Christmas!

The wife and I are certified Christmas geeks. We just love it so much. It is definitely our favorite holiday and time of year. The Christmas music has been playing since the 15th, and we are watching our favorite Christmas movies already. There is a new darkness that has raised it's ugly head this year however. Last weekend we purchased a fake tree! Oh, the horror! :)

It is a very nice looking fake tree. The wife has put the lights on, so decorating will commence tonight. This weekend promises to be especially treacherous for me. I am to illuminate the house. Hopefully I won't kill myself while on the ladder stringing up the C9s. These bastards suck up some juice. Three separate circuits will have to be used for what I have planned most likely. A nice quiet generator sure would be nice to have for this purpose. It isn't that I am pulling a Clark Griswald, the C9 strands just suck up the power. Only 200 lights should be used on any circuit. This leaves about 3 amps to spare on a 15 amp breaker. Of course, this assumes that nothing else is running on the circuit. The usual M.O. is to use a cord from the garage, one from the front room, and one from the back of the house. That worked last year, so it should not be a problem this time. As the strands start to crap out in the next few years, I will go with LEDs probably.

We are spending Christmas Day at home, and most likely traveling to San Antonio to see my parents for a couple of days after that. I don't want to be away from home for to long, as we really enjoy our time at home during the holidays.