Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It is all About Control

We all, or at least we all should, know that leftists want to control us. They seek power over the stupid unwashed masses(us), so they can show us how to live properly according to their beliefs. The ironic thing about this, is the fact that they usually charge social conservatives as being the group who wants to put their boot on your neck.

The left wants to do it through government regulation. You see, we all are just not smart enough to handle this freedom thing, so we need to be shown how to do what is right for the collective. Personal freedom isn’t as important as saving us from ourselves.

This reasoning has been used for one hundred years to justify the murder of millions upon millions of people, who just would not fall in line. As I first said in my epiphany, from over a year ago, global warming is the new communism. Please read that post if you have not before. That theory is a tad bit inaccurate though. It is better stated to say that environmentalism is the latest cause du jour of the totalitarian communista hordes.

The left has been very, very successful using environmental totalitarianism to further their goals. We should be very well aware of this. They use the EPA to deny requests to build things we need like nuclear power plants, housing, and oil platforms. All too often their objections are purely political and not based on any real evidence or science.

I must say, that not all environmentalism is wrong. On the contrary. As stewards of the earth, we are responsible for its wellbeing. We ought to preserve the natural world as best we can. Radical environmentalism is of course no good to anyone, except those seeking power.

Global warming is of course the jewel in the crown of the environazi. Their Great Leader Al Gore, is seen as a prophet, and a rock star. They rely on false data, or no data at all in making their claims. No matter how many times their models are refuted, they will always come up with excuses as to why they are correct. We are always on the precipous of disaster. We must act right now or it will be to late.

The goal of all of this, as I stated, is control. They want to control what and how you do things. That want to make it "fair" for all. Of course as the poor Soviets found, "fairness" isn't really the same for everyone. It sucks for the overwhelming majority. Fairness is a gulag, or a work camp in Siberia. That is of course assuming you were lucky enough to actually make it to the gulag, instead of being shot like a dog in the street.

This post was precipitated by this "study" being reported on in the Guardian.


Tara Garnett, the report's author, warned that campaigns encouraging people to change their habits voluntarily were doomed to fail and urged the government to use caps on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon pricing to ensure changes were made. "Food is important to us in a great many cultural and symbolic ways, and our food choices are affected by cost, time, habit and other influences," the report says. "Study upon study has shown that awareness-raising campaigns alone are unlikely to work, particularly when it comes to more difficult changes."

Please read the whole thing.

So now they are ready to get government to force us to change our eating habits! Forget downsizing your house or car, they aim to actually force us to eat how they want us to eat! The article goes on to explain that this is a moderate approach as opposed to outlawing meat-eating altogether. They know that even the rubes would never agree with that. So they want to start with just slowly limiting how much meat we are allowed to have.

Our friend at Ramblings From Oz, has come up with the ultimate unfortunate solution for these fascists. Ultimately force most be counteracted with force.

One last note on this topic today. The radical environuts and the radical PETA types are in this together. They have a mental disorder that makes them think eating animals is wrong. They see animals as better than humans. That is the important distinction we must all realize. They would just as soon see you and your family dead, if it saves the animals from your BBQ pit. All of them think humanity is blight on nature for some reason. It probably has a lot to do with all the liberal guilt they have been taught at the universities for years.