Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Soldier’s Jeep Vandalized at DBU!

It has come to my attention that one of our fine Army veterans has had his pride and joy destroyed by some scumsucking worthless piece of hippie garbage. This shockingly occurred at Dallas Baptist University, where he is a student. The damage is very extensive, and thankfully the university is picking up the tab to repair it, even though it isn’t their fault. This is a fine organization. Both of my wife’s parents were professors there. The complete asshat of a soulless perpetrator slashed all his tires, spray painted the entire Jeep, destroyed his lights, cut up his seats and carpet, keyed the exterior, and sprayed “Soldiers are Murderers” on the hood. Hopefully whoever did this will be found out by angry citizens, instead of the cops.

Here is a link to the NBC news story.


The Pirate 4x4 Forum is working with vendors and members to get him some nice new parts to trick out the Jeep. This group of individuals are patriotic off-roaders that do not take kindly to one of our heroes being mistreated in this way. Here is a link to the post on PBB.

Link to PBB post

The soldier’s name is Viktor Whitlow. He apparently has served two tours in Iraq. Here is a link to pics he took of all the damage.

Viktor’s Pics

If you are interested in helping out the cause, Viktor has set up a PayPal account for donations. I will be keeping up with this, so hopefully we will all be able to see the results of the buildup of his redone Jeep.

Viktor’s Paypal Account

Update: Apparently Bluetorch Fabworks has taken the lead on this project! Check out the PBB post about that.

BlueTorch PBB Post

Wow! They are going to be making a weekend event out of this with a possible concert, chili cookin', and a wheeling excursion. Here is a short list of what they already have planned. Looks like our soldier is going to have one bad ass Jeep after all is said and done!

Here is a short list of what I am looking at doing to the Jeep while here:

1. Tube Fenders to replace the damaged fenders
2. new windshield
3. New Hood
4. New Seats front and rear
5. new interior parts (console, and other items needed)
6. New Wheels
7. New Tires (Interco Tires commited to the event)
8. Long Arm Suspension Kit
9. BTF Bumpers
10. BTF Rocker Guards
11. BTF Diff Covers
12. Possibly do a Front half cage
13. and a few other things I think may be very interesting.. (EVIL SMILE)

Outstanding! More to come as this story develops.

Update 2:

It looks like Lone Star Jeep Club is involved as well in helping out Viktor. Here is their post about it on their forum.


Update 10/02/08:

NBC 5 has done an update on Viktor's story. You can find it here. There is video of Viktor, and it talks about all the support he has gotten. Pirate 4x4 and Bluetorch Fab were featured in the included video! This has turned from a disgusting story of some sick-minded individual's depravity, into a wonderful human interest story of fellow Americans doing what is right for our soldiers. With everything that is wrong with the country at the moment, this shows that we are still the best country in the world, and that we will come together to support those who defend us.