Thursday, July 24, 2008

Remington .17 Fireball

Wow. I totally missed this cartridge release. From some brief research it shoots a 20 grain projectile at over 4,000 fps! That is really moving. I bet it is hell on varmints. This would be a neat little hot rod round to play with. Gunbroker has some Remington bolt actions listed for it for around $500.

Remington designed the round based on the .17 Mach IV, which was based on the .221 Fireball. The neat thing is the round uses less powder, and burns much cleaner. The Mach IV is a very dirty load apparently. From what I have read, you have to totally clean the barrel after 15 rounds or so. No thanks.

I love tiny bullets, I have a .17 HMR, so this little ball of fire is right up my alley. Hmm, may be a candidate for my first modern bolt action.

Info From Remington