Wednesday, July 23, 2008

McCain '08!

I am getting ready to make a small donation to the McCain campaign. It will be the first donation I have ever given to a politician. He is not my ideal candidate, none of them ever are. He is however our only choice now.

John McCain does have some very good aspects that have swayed me away from just jumping off the cliff and not voting at all. Here are ten reasons I will be voting for McCain in November.

1. He is not Obama. Enough said for now. I will contrast their positions in the future.

2. He is about as good as we can hope for as an RKBA guy. The only thing that I disagree with him on is required background checks for all sales at gun shows. This is a minor disagreement really in light of his other positions. Here is a link to his "Protecting Second Amendment Rights" page. Link

Read it.

It makes a lot of sense, and I agree with just about all of it. McCain opposes stupid gun manufacturer lawsuits, opposes renewing the Assault Weapons Ban, opposes banning foreign hi-cap mags, requires manufacturers to include trigger locks in their packaging (which I support), opposes ammunition bans, tried lifting the handgun ban in DC, supports quick background checks, opposes waiting periods, opposes illegal seizure of weapons after a disaster, and wants stiffer penalties for criminals who commit crimes with a gun.

That is a pretty good list there. Again I disagree with his position on checks for all gun show sales, but it is a small thing compared to some of these others.

3. He is very pro life.

4. He promises to send good constructionist judges to the SCOTUS.

5. He understands the Islamofascist threat, supports the military, and will defend us.

6. He believes lower taxes help stimulate the economy, and he is fiscally conservative.

7. He wants to expand oil exploration, and find other ways to reduce and / or eliminate our dependence on foreign oil.

8. He seems to have some common sense approaches to fixing health care.

9. He is a war hero and supports our veterans.

10. He is a supporter of NASA.

These are just ten reasons that McCain is a better choice than Obama. There are more I am sure, but I have not gotten beyond this really. I will have another post later that lists out some of what I disagree with McCain about.

Many of us did not want McCain as our nominee. We have sworn not to support him, said he is no different than Obama, and vowed to take our ball and go home. I am asking all of you to look at this list, peruse the issues section of his website, and then think about what an Obama presidency would look like. We have no choice, but to elect this man.