Monday, July 14, 2008

Good to be Back

My two week vacation is now over, and I am glad. It was a good time for the most part, but it will be good to get back in my routine.

The Independence Day fireworks show went off without a hitch, and my mortar racks functioned flawlessly.

The entire vacation was a mixed blessing however. We have taken on the responsibility of raising our three month granddaughter. It wasn't really a voluntary thing, she was pretty much dumped on us. We love her so, so much, and just want what is best for her, so we hope to be raising her for the duration now, with no insane interruptions. We are financially able to handle her thankfully, so the only sacrifice is our freedom to some extent.

The vacation turned into a mourning period of the loss of our ability to come and go as we please, and a period of time to deal with our new situation. We have gotten through the emotional turmoil for the most part now, and are enjoying our little Brooke as if she were our own. She is such a sweet, sweet baby girl.

It is a sobering experience to realize that you are all another life has in the world. This precious life is totally dependant on you for all it's needs. I think it may be a bit easier when you are expecting such a thing, but to have it suddenly thrust upon you without warning takes a bit of getting used to.

Besides who could refuse such an angel?

Hmm, maybe it is time to go look at those pink Cricket rifles now!