Friday, June 6, 2008

Workforce 98" Straight Edge.

I must admit that I can not find this thing on Home Depot's website, so I can't post a link or picture. It is a straight edge designed to allow you to rip things like plywood with a circular saw. The kit comes with 2 49" aluminum straight edges, a screw plate for joining them together, and two small c-clamps to secure the assembly to your work piece. It cost about $20.

After opening up the kit I was not very excited. The two aluminum extrusions are OK as individual pieces. I attached them together with the screw plate, and the assembly was not straight at all. I adjusted it and got it as straight as I could.

The little c-clamps are nearly worthless. They tear up the aluminum surface of the extrusions when you tighten them down, and are barely big enough to be of any use.

After fighting with this thing for about 10 minutes I got it attached to my plywood and made a pass. The middle of the assembly bends easily inward if you put any pressure up against it. I managed to rip two sheets of plywood down with this kit, but it wasn't real accurate.

Overall this is something I would never buy again. I feel like I threw $20 at a bum in a liquor store parking lot. This thing is a total piece of crap.

I will keep the two aluminum extrusions, as they might serve a purpose some day. The rest of it is going in a trash can.

I rank this thing a solid 1.5 out of 10.