Monday, June 9, 2008

Election Tiredhead

What a let down. Now that Hillary is gone, and the frontrunners are Obama and McCain, I find myself not giving a damn.

Don't get me wrong, I think an Obama presidency would be uniquely disasterous for the country, but McCain promises to piss me off on an all to regular basis as well. McCain just is not an inspiring candidate. If he happened to be conservative there would be more excitement probably. When you have a moderate liberal Republican running against a complete commutard leftist, what is the fun in defending the liberal Republican.

We have had enough liberal RINOs. Now we are set to run another out there. Sure he is right on many very important things that Obama is completely wrong on, but this just isn't enough to care about currently.

Meh. Maybe once they start sniping at each other, or one of them says something incredibly stupid, I will be enamored by the process once again. If not, I plan to be supremely bored by the whole affair at least until September.