Friday, February 23, 2007

The wonderful evil black rifle

As most people that pay attention to the goings on in Congress, I noticed that a new AWB was introduced a few weeks back. It is HR 1022 (ironic isn't it). For anyone interested (if you value your God-given rights you better be), check out the text here.

This abomination will outlaw many, many guns that millions of people legally own now. It goes much farther than the Clinton Gun Ban. It apparently would make it illegal to transfer the banned weapons from owner to owner. They of course don't have the balls to try to confiscate existing weapons, so they would be grandfathered in. You would never be able to sell them though.

In the spirit of 'fuck you, you won't trample my rights', the better half and I decided to buy an AR this weekend. Specifically a Bushmaster XM15. This one in particular.

Actually ours is slightly different. It has an A3 detachable carry handle. It came with one 30 rounder(which would also be banned), a sling, manual, and case. We took it out to the range Sunday. It shoots great! I managed to put about 40 rounds in a 4" circle. Pretty good for iron sights and my bad eyes. I was shooting cheap commie ammo, so I am sure I can improve the performance with some more practice and better ammo.

We bought an extra mag for it as well. I plan to buy a few dozen mags for it, and hopefully another rifle or two.

I will do all I can to fight the new AWB(Assault Weapons Ban for the uninitiated), but if it does go through I will be somewhat prepared. I won't be stuck with 10 round bolt actions for my family's self defense.

I also plan to buy quite a few mags for my XD-45. They hold more than 10 rounds so they would be illegal as well.

We will most likely get an AK or two when funds allow as well. These will be cheapo WASR-10s most likely, but they will kill just as well as the $800 Ruskie versions.

I love my black rifle. Eugene Stoner was a genius, and we must do what we can so that future generations will be able to enjoy his wonderful rifle.