Friday, February 23, 2007

Why we are better than our enemy

A GI was convicted of raping a 14 year old Iraqi girl, and murdering her and her family. He was sentenced to 100 years in prison.


This is a story of depravity. I don't care about the soldier's excuses of fatigue or anything else. He is a disgrace, and he has been thrown out of the Army and into prison were he belongs.

This case proves we are better than our enemy. You are probably wondering how this savage act proves this. It is very simple. We punish our own. In parts of the Muslim world the victim would be seen as the guilty party. Had she not been murdered, she would have been, because of her disgraceful rape. They see it as her fault. Even if it isn't her fault in their eyes, she must die because she is now unclean.

This is but one example of why we are better. We punish the murderers and rapists among us. The enemy celebrates those that blow up women and children as martyrs. We have fair trials, were we are judged by our peers and evidence is presented. They have roving bands of thugs who act as judge, jury, and usually executioner.

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Take Abu Ghraib for example. They were incensed at the 'atrocities' carried out there. Some of soldiers mistreated some prisoners by putting underwear on their head and taking dirty pictures of them. The terrorists on the other hand take innocent civilians and slowly slice their heads off. We punished those of us who committed the acts at Abu Ghraib, just as we have in the aforementioned case. They see their murderers as heroes.