Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wife's First Gun

Kim spent part of our wedding gift money on her first gun Monday. She bought a very nice used Smith and Wesson LadySmith 4" in .38 Special. It is a nice little gun. The finish is some kind of satin coating I think. I will get some pics of it tonight. She loves it, and we plan to test it out this weekend at the local range. This will be her carry piece once we get our CHLs. While I had no idea, she is apparently quite the revolver fan! Before finding the one she chose, she eyeballed a Ruger Security Six 6" .357 in stainless, a Uberti .45 Long Colt, and a nice little Ruger "Last Cowboy" in .32 H&R.

Her thoughtfulness at picking out the gun she selected is quite amazing for a new gunnie really. She eliminated the Security Six because it would be nearly impossible to conceal, even though she just loved the way it handled and looked. Her big concern with the .32 was the relative lack of ammo availability and she was concerned with the finish holding up. She chose the LadySmith for it's concealability, fit to her hand, and it's durable looking finish. She is more rational than I when it comes to picking out guns! :)

Kim also let me know that she is a revolver fanatic apparently. She also is a bit of a snob, as she said she "wants to collect Smith and Wessons only". What can I say the girl has good taste! Am I a lucky guy or what?